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The Conquest Against Tim Farron


Since Tim Farron decided to stand for Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Lambites have been all out trying to smear Tim and hinder his campaign. Despite Tim giving a more than fair justification to his previous voting record, Lambites have not ceased to keep throwing the same accusations towards Tim. Unfortunately, to some it’s not about liberalism at all, but more about winning at any cost.

The Norman Lamb campaign is being called a ‘conquest’ by many supporters because as with any conquest, they believe there is something to conquer. Just as the crusaders captured Jerusalem in the first crusade, the Lamb ‘crusaders’ are attempting to capture the future of liberalism. However, as with any conquest, they can only attack for what they lack. In other words, they can only attack for the things they do not already have. That is why they are attacking Tim because deep down they know that Tim already has the liberalism to lead and they do not.

For far too long, we have seen this type of skullduggery take precedence within British Politics. The question you truly have to ask yourselves is, do you really want to see the Liberal Democrats continue with the same old politics or do you want to see the party do what it says on the tin? Tim Farron has lead a positive campaign based on fairness, honesty and transparency. He has not shied away from the tough questions but has tackled them head on. His support has not attacked Lamb, but on the contrary, they have complimented Lamb but chosen Tim to lead.

The Lambite camp, on the other hand, are doing their very best to keep Lamb hidden away by focusing on portraying Tim in a negative light. Mostly, they are trying to use his religion against him. Even though the justification presented for Tim’s previous voting record was one based on logic rather than faith. And as it stands, Tim has always been the favourite to lead the liberal movement and they simply cannot accept that. We need a better politics and Tim does not only lead by his words alone but he leads by good example. The Lambite conquest will try to damage Farron, but Tim’s movement is strong and it will take far more than a few rusty daggers to see him off.

Liberal Democrats need to ask themselves, do they want to be conquered or liberated?