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A Living Wage Is Good For Business

NEXT boss Simon Wolfson made the news this week after it was announced that NEXT has made annual profits of £695m. What this means for workers is a pro rata equivalent to 1.5% increase to their £6.33 salary. Currently, NEXT workers are paid merely 2p above the minimum wage, and although they will see a pay increase by 37p to £6.70 per hour in June, is this truly fair when Wolfson is expecting to make a windfall of over £4 million?

The workers’ position seems to be one based on fairness. Workers are not easily exploited or fooled today as they have been previously. Conservatives will no doubt spout their Tory rhetoric of “workers being greedy” but when things are placed into proportion and examined, the unfairness of workers waking up every day and putting in hard working hours to then going home and struggling is not really a fair deal when their collective efforts only seem to benefit their boss.

The slight increase in their wage becomes nothing more than a slap in the face by the hand of the rich, and this will only reverse the scales and increase the potential for future losses. Workers do not expect benevolence, they demand nothing but fairness. A living wage to live on is not a lot to ask when the companies FINANCIAL standings have truly been considered. After-all , they are the workforce and without them, what would the company be?

Business leaderships need to realise that public perception can make or break BUSINESSES no matter how successful they are. The public is generally more aware now, and they will choose to either boycott or support BUSINESSES depending on their stance on fairness.

For example, the demand for ethical products has seen increases to businesses across the globe. Consumers check labels now more so than ever before. They have refused to buy products associated with slave labour and have even recently boycotted Dolce and Gabbana over their political views on same-sex parents as well as Amazon and STARBUCKS for their tax avoidance.

When the ethos of working hard and paying a fair SHARE in taxes is always met by workers, is it not only fair that big businesses are fair in return by giving their workers a wage to live on? This has nothing to do with greed or being unfair, not on behalf of the workers anyway, but more so on the part of senior business figures. 

Adopting the living wage has everything to do with increasing standards and being fair. A living wage and fairness, on all counts of business and in this day of age, is not only productive for business but fundamentally it is the right thing to do. It drives up standards and overall, BUSINESSES making this real term INVESTMENT truly reap the REWARDS as they profit in more than one way. Not only is the living wage common sense, it is also good for business. 

The machiavellian business style of leadership is moving towards extinction, and as with evolution we need to adapt.


Is Religious Faith A Good or Bad Thing? Part 2:

Is Religious Faith A Good or Bad Thing?Part 2: 

Samuel Mack-Poole’s follow up to my response on his original article. Now here is my answer to ‘Why God Could Never be Yahweh’. 

As Samuel’s article has shown, he has opted to view the hammer in the negative light rather than in the positive. The hammer, as I described as being the neutral component to which we decide how we use, has been picked up by Samuel and used in a way to destroy rather than build. This is not surprising, as I do find that within Atheism/Anti-theism, and without stereotyping as I am sure not all are like this, but there is a tendency to project negativity towards religion rather than walk away from it altogether. Why is that? Surely if one does not believe in the existence of God, then their lives should be Godless. The very instance someone mentions God, it simply would not register, and nor would they even find the time nor the energy to waste even entertaining the idea.

However, many spend their entire lives drawn to the idea of a creator. It cannot be escaped for the idea is so captivating and powerful, that it is very much a legitimate one. I would argue, it is so powerful, that not even Atheists can escape the notion of God’s existence. Consequently, the very existence of Atheism/Anti-theism relies on there being the thesis of a God/s. As without it, they are nothing; they no longer exist within their adopted identities, and in many ways, religion is the only thing giving their identities the air to breathe. Surely, it would be better to just say I believe in nothing and live your life than to adopt an ism and then subsequently try to prove wrong? 

But what disturbs Samuel most is the idea of a God that judges and punishes. Of course this is seen as cruel, evil and wicked. However, do we, ourselves, not believe in justice? Surely, that is why we are a society that supports the courts of law and judges who preside on them? Do we not judge others for their sins when we see injustice with our own eyes? Do we not live in a society that believes in the prison system? Whereby we want those who have committed crimes to be punished for them? Is there a single Brit that did not want to see the worst happen to Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale when they committed their deplorable acts against Lee Rigby? I even heard many asking for them to be hung for their crimes.

The only difference is that when God does it, he is evil, but when we do it, we are just. Its like the idea of us being ‘created’ somewhat being wrong. Did any of our children evolve in the womb without two things coming together to create? Did a car just appear from nowhere? Or was there a design? A plan? An idea? You see, when we deny God, we deny ourselves, and when we call God a lie, we are lying to ourselves. The commandments that have been laid out before us are not difficult to understand. They are for our own benefit.

So ask yourself this, as you mentioned The Tenth Plague of Egypt but failed to mention the fact that God inflicted on Egypt to persuade the Pharaoh to release ill-treated Israelites from slavery. Was He not the God standing against the oppression of slavery? Just as you mentioned ‘ the slaughter of the Amelekites’, were they not the first aggressors? Renowned for being ruthless and aggressive, was it not they who first attacked Israelites in the Sinai desert? Was He not the God then defending the weak from the bully? Whatever part of the old testament you quote, you fail to mention the reasoning why justice was handed down in the first place.

If you have a child, and you go out and start enslaving people or murdering them for the benefit of your own ends, what kind of father would that make you? Surely any father who truly loved their children, would not be engaged in such activities in the first place. They would be singing their children beautiful nursery rhymes; reading to them and showing them every bit of love they deserve. It’s like a father walking their child down the train tracks and expecting that, if a train should come, not both will be hit. Behind every action of God, there was good intentions and yet as people we always failed our Father.

Anyway, despite what I have discussed above, I am not completely sure that I agree to every event stated being factual. And that is where Jesus comes into it. Jesus mainly only ever described ways by using parables. And that is why I believe the old testament to be books of examples rather than books of events. That is why I think that Jesus came into the world to show us the way and bring us back onto the path from our tangents. The old testament is not to be taken literal but by ways of understanding why and how certain actions can lead to certain consequences.

I do not believe in the great flood, or that the world was created in six days, for days are a man-made measurement.  However, the BIBLE is merely an acronym for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, and instructions should contain clear examples. As any person with a free will and a free mind cannot be instructed without examples or reasoning. You cannot assemble a chest of drawers from Ikea without first looking at the instructions to do so. 

Lastly, the argument regarding Christians believing in infanticide is incorrect. If we believed that, then we would support Herod’s order to kill all young boys, two years and under, both in and surrounding Bethlehem when Jesus was born. No Christian could support that, as it would be like turning a gun around and shooting oneself in the head. You will actually find that from embryo to foetus, right the way through from birth until death, Christians believe in preserving life. Can you say the same about all Atheists? 

Is Religious Faith A Good or Bad Thing?

Is Religious Faith A Good or Bad Thing?

by Sean Ash in response to Sammuel Mack-Poole

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.”

In this response to a very wise and intelligent friend, I will not attempt to debunk or refute his historical or present claims regarding some of the most horrific and tragic things that have been carried out in the name of religion. As a humanitarian, I share the same sadness and sympathy with all bloodshed and atrocities that have been committed throughout history. Although, I will argue that religion is not the only idea or belief people have killed in the name for. We must not forget those who have also slaughtered in the name of communism, capitalism, anarchy or for any other idea or belief they hold close to their hearts.

If a communist despot should kill millions of people in the name of communism, does that make communism inherently a bad thing? I would argue that it is what you make of it. A hammer might be used to hurt others or it can be used as a tool to build things. Religion is no different to the hammer. It is a tool, that if used correctly, can help to restore the broken and create far greater things than all that is bad.

Unfortunately, for a long time, religion has been used as a tool to destroy rather than build. It has been lead astray and capitalized on for selfish means. Placed in the wrong hands, it has been setting negative examples as leaderships have selectively used the scriptures and teachings to enhance their own ends.

I can understand why there is disillusion and so much hatred towards religious institutions. The same way that people hold such regard towards many politicians and political parties when they have not been acting in the best of ways. The public may feel like they have been betrayed, and so many decide that it is best to vote never again.

They’re all the same” is something that is most commonly jeered by people today. The Atheist, in this analogical sense, becomes the anarchist disillusioned with the state. Although, the fundamental and key difference here between a Atheist and the Anarchist is the former will reject the existence of God but it is the latter who rejects the state, but does not necessarily deny its existence. As someone with faith, I believe in the state and that is why I want to be part of it.

One might argue what the hell does God and a State have in common? I would ask you to show me what a state looks like. I suppose it brings us back to philosophy; is that a forest over there or is it merely many trees? You see, there are abstracts that we are willing to concede and accept, but only the ones that commonly suit so that we can mutually identify and understand what we mean when we are pointing at something.

We could argue the same with the word ‘government’ or ‘power’. Do we deny either of these things exist? And yet we can see neither for what it is but only through consequences do we decide whether it is a good or bad government or if the force being used is good or bad. The very same way that you are blind to the wind yet feel it hit your face on a cold day, there are many of us who open our hearts and feel God. It is very real.

Religion has come under fire because throughout history people have been using it wrong. They have given it a bad name. When people point at it now, they mainly say that it is wrong, but that is because they are only ever shown the wrong. Like when the six O’clock news comes on in the evening; the good deeds are never recognized, as all that we are shown is that a woman was raped today, or that a man has been murdered.

For example sake, both the raped and the murdered were done so by a “black male”. This of course then sets off tensions and all a sudden every black male is now guilty of a crime they have never committed! It is like every good Muslim to have their faith ridiculed because a minority of individuals uses the hammer to destroy. To say religion is good or bad is to stereotype it and I argue that all stereotyping is incorrect and irrational.

The News does not set out to deliver the good news because, in all truth, who would listen to it? We are selective beings who cherry pick and choose according to our taste buds. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this but maybe the word ‘absolutely’ is where the problem rests. I will come onto that.

When one truly studies the tool, they come to understand the true nature behind religious teachings are very much philosophical rather than the FALSE notion of it being controlling and brainwashing. The biblical words are not to be taken literal but as lessons to be learned from. Like you would understand the lesson behind the story of Pinocchio, or the boy who cried wolf. It doesn’t mean that our noses are going to actually grow if we fib or that sheep are about to be feasted on because we have been lying, but it gets us questioning certain actions and if they can lead us onto positive or negative outcomes.

I always like to refer to the teachings of the Ten Commandments as well as the teachings of Jesus. These are good teachings that can be used to create good things. Those who want to cherry pick the bad parts will ultimately do bad things. However, its teachings are ultimately to show you both the good and the bad so you can make your own minds up.

And this brings me onto the crux of my argument. There are many things in life that exist, and when taken in good proportion, they can be very healthy for you. Yet when the exact same things are taken excessively, they have the complete opposite effect. Religious faith is neither good nor bad but it is what we choose to make of it. It is the hammer that you get to either build or destroy with. You have been given free will, and so it is for you to decide. I openly accept the right for all to be self-determined, and if a gay man was being persecuted, I believe that Jesus would stand by his side rather than join in throwing stones. The bible teaches us to stand against oppression, even though other parts promote it. It is not one-sided. It is not absolute. Religious faith is neither good nor bad. It is what we make it.

As you rightly said yourself, “the debate will be focused on the ball and not the man” and so we must not allow the man to be the definition of the ball.

To read Samuel Mack-Poole’s Original Article Please Click Here

Nick Clegg Most Liked on Facebook

Nick Clegg: No.1 (Photo Fiona Hanson/PA Wire)

Nick Clegg: No.1 (Photo Fiona Hanson/PA Wire)

Nick Clegg has the most fans on Facebook with a huge total of 80,683 likes. He has just over 35,000 more likes than British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who has 45,566 likes. Ed Miliband is just under 16,000 likes short of Cameron with 29,610 likes, and Nigel Farage finishes 4th place having just over 5,000 likes short behind Miliband with a total of 24,476 likes.

Most Liked on Facebook: Nick Clegg

Less popular than his Deputy: British Prime Minister David Cameron

Unpopular on Facebook:


On Ed’s Tail: Nigel Farage 


Nelson Mandela: Far More Than Words

Nelson Mandela: More Than Words

As we sadly say goodbye to one of the most influential people of our time, some will remember Nelson Mandela to be a hero while others a terrorist. Sometimes the truth can be hard to digest but the truth must be told and as the saying goes “the truth will set you free”. Well, here goes.

It is quite ironic how many people will come out speaking of racial violence towards whites; particularly that of the Church Street bombings and yet not many of them will come out and speak so passionately about the racist policies that led to such a reality of consequences. 

In all honesty, a man in his motherland, whether that be Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else, can never be a terrorist; should the Dutch boats come along and people move in, only to later bring about racial segregation; curtailing all rights and forcing the indigenous peoples out into the slums; abductions, police brutality and murder brought upon them first; thousands of arrests and political prisoners of peaceful protest; students gunned down by the police against those calling for racial harmony – and should one defend themselves against this, does that really make one a terrorist or a freedom fighter?

 It is never right to take another life. If anyone should be responsible then it should be the National Party governments and all of right wing politics to which gives birth to all suffering. In Mandela’s first interview (above) in 1961, he had basically said that violence was the last option, and that South Africa was not a country of one race but of many races. However, as we look at South Africa today, he achieved his goal to bring about one person, one vote but economically, it all appears to have benefited one race alone.

 According to Bloomberg, a more recent census published that: “About 80 percent of South Africa’s 51.8 million population is black, about 9 percent of the population is of mixed race, 8.9 percent white and 2.5 percent Asian.

While incomes for black households increased an average 169 percent over 10 years, their annual earnings are 60,613 rand ($6,987), or a sixth of that for whites. Incomes for white households increased 88 percent to 365,134 rand in the past decade.

Under white segregationist rule, black South Africans were disadvantaged by poor education that confined many to unskilled, low-paying jobs.”

 It is evidently clear that decades of racist policies from the National Parties has created racial divisions. However, the knife has cut far deeper than the social class layer. When we look at the most common denominator in this case, we must see that a minority of white people are hoarding all wealth whilst a majority of black people face the most hardest of struggles.

 This is not something that black people alone must challenge, but something white people around the world should also be challenging. We all have a part to play in ensuring that every child has a life that’s worth living regardless of where they come from or what skin colour they have. We can all make a change, and follow in Mandela’s footsteps we must.

 If we are truly to honour Nelson Mandela’s memory, then we must do more than simply reiterate the greatness of his quotes but also apply them to our every day lives. We must do more than praise his name. We must put into action the vision of what this great man sought out. We must attempt, at all costs, to bridge the gap between the richest and the poorest in every society. We must do all within our grasp to ensure that right wing governments are a thing of the past, and that ALL people have a fair shot at life as well as a fair opportunity to contribute at every level.

If we are truly to honour Nelson Mandela’s memory, then we must do more than simply reiterate the greatness of his quotes but also apply them to our every day lives. We must do more than praise his name. We must put into action the vision of what this great man sought out. We must attempt, at all costs, to bridge the gap between the richest and the poorest in every society. We must do all within our grasp to ensure that right wing governments are a thing of the past, and that ALL people have a fair shot at life as well as a fair opportunity to contribute at every level.

RIP Nelson Mandela. His legacy has not been left behind but is one that has only just begun. Mandela could have done a lot more for the people of South Africa, this is true, but in hindsight, his accomplishments to achieve democracy for all with his democratic vision of ‘one person, one vote’ will most definitely be one of his greatest victories for the South African peoples.

The Glass Design: Why YOU Need The Unemployed


According to ONS there are 2.47 million economically ‘active’ unemployed people looking for work. There are 8.92 million economically “inactive” people not looking for work. There were 545,000 job vacancies for August to October 2013. Now tell me, how do you fit 2.47 million unemployed ACTIVE people looking for work into 545,000 jobs? You tell me how that is done, and I will tell the other 8.92 million to get off their “lazy” backsides and try.

In February this year, there were 2.51 million unemployed, and so I welcome the 0.4% decrease in unemployment. However, many public sector jobs have been scrapped, so what I don’t get is, if you can lower unemployment by offering more work in the private sector, hence raising more tax, then why can public sector jobs not stay or increase? Surely that would bring unemployment even further down? Where’s the money GOING?

Albeit, because of the design of the glass, it has been made only to fit so many people. This is because resources are scarce and materials limited.  Therefore, people are made to compete to grab their place in the champagne glass to which the rich more than happily drink out of. The next time you call someone lazy because they are unemployed, thank your lucky stars because it could easily be you.

Even if you break the definitions down, there are double standards everywhere!

‘Laziness’ is defined as being “unwilling to work or use energy.” Whereas ‘Energy’ is defined as “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.” Who on Earth would choose to live an unsuccessful life over a successful one? Would someone who is consistently strong turn to addictive alcohol? drugs? gambling or anything else ascribed to the “scrounging unemployed”? Of course not, and if he did then surely it would mean that it was because he had a bad day; he was weak, he has fallen into an addiction and needs help; he is lacking the energy to cope and to keep on his toes. We tell him to rest.

Yet the unemployed we call “lazy” like they are strong and have all the energy in the world. We accuse them of being a shirker that unacceptably rest up and do nothing. On a whim, they choose a life of destitution; they choose addiction and failure like they don’t have a care in the world when maybe, just maybe, they simply lack the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.

I suppose that it’s far more easier just to call these people lazy, because that would be the lazy option in itself than trying to help and care for those who lack energy due to hardship and malnutrition.

The rich man who sits at home in his nice big house and who sometimes likes to play tennis in the garden; the man who simply picks up his phone and tells others what to do so they all work hard to get by whilst simultaneously making him rich.. He is not lazy but a successful man. But our friend on welfare, the horrible, grim, work avoiding lazy scum bag who offers very little to a society that equally offers very little to him.. He is the laziest of them all and it is him that has caused recessions, depressions and the reason we are all stressing!

“Why can’t his life suck as hard as mine” I yell!!! “Why can’t he sweat the blood and tears that I do!” only to keep these rich men in power.. “Why is it that I am a slave and he is not?” “Make him a slave too” you say…

Or maybe, just maybe, the problem to him being there is the will of others to have more. The things as they are, indeed.

As the British Pragmatist philosopher Lloyd Duddridge [MA] said, “Unemployed people pay taxes, too AND they keep local business thriving…”

I will leave you all with a quote from another great philosopher, Alan Watts:

“The hand said we do all our work, the feet said we do our work, the mouth said we do all the chewing, and here’s this lazy stomach that gets it all and doesn’t do a thing. He doesn’t do any work… so lets go on strike. And the hands refuse to carry, the feet refuse to walk, the mouth refuses to chew, and said, “now, we’re on strike against the stomach.” But after a while all of them found themselves getting weaker and weaker, and weaker and weaker because they didn’t recognise that the stomach fed them.” 


Liberal Democrats Restoring Balance With Shared Parental Leave

Liberal Democrats clearly show they are not for taking baby steps when dealing with inequality.


For the first time, we will see both mothers and fathers share more parental rights as Nick Clegg announces that mothers and fathers will be eligible to apply for up to 1 year of shared parental leave (maternal/paternal as they see fit) and extended flexible working.

Why is this positive for fathers? As it now stands, fathers have very little rights and miss out on sharing the vital bonding time with their newborns due to limited paternal rights. In fact, until now, they merely get the leftovers or the breadcrumbs of maternal rights as they can only apply for a mere one-two weeks of paternal leave while mothers enjoy up to 52 weeks of maternity leave. The imbalance is that fathers miss out on fulfilling their parental duties while mothers miss out fulfilling their careers in the work place.

This new policy is a positive step for women and employers. The way things have been has only reinforced the sexist idea that fathers are naturally the breadwinners while mothers “should be” at home raising the kids. This disparate and ignorant way of thinking has been the very underpinning to the inequality that has seen many fathers treated unfairly in the family courts, as well as delivering the vast inequality that most hardcore feminists kick off about on a daily basis.

It is to my understanding that employers will now get to work with both mothers and fathers so that working hours can be negotiated, alternated and shared between the two; thus employers get the most out of their work force while both parents get the most out of their careers while enjoying parenthood. Women can no longer be discreetly palmed off by potential employers due to the fear of them perhaps one day wanting to start a family. This will also apply for grandparents so they can apply to help their children by helping their grandchildren.

This is a fantastic policy from the Liberal Democrats. It clearly exhibits that the war against sexism has now begun, and that a tangible responsibility to children should be shared between both mothers and fathers. Lets now get the same rights for fathers when mothers and fathers have separated due to the family courts still seeing the mother as the ‘stay at home’ and the father as a mere ‘breadwinner’.

What is refreshingly positive is that the Liberal Democrats are clearly determined to stamp out inequality as they attempt to bring balance back to the force, and stop that callous cloned blue army from bringing about any further imbalances to the galaxy.

At least now, Luke might actually know who his father is.


Game and Sony Playstation Respond to Third-Party Gameware Pads


After writing my previous article, I decided to chase both Game and Sony up about the blocking of third-party firmware remote control pads.  I took a trip to Bexleyheath GAME and they were completely unaware of any update issued by Sony that blocks third-party Firmware. They gave me a full refund of £9.99 for my Gameware pad that I purchased on Monday and offered me a brand new Sony remote control pad for an extra £40. That’s £49.99 for a Sony remote control pad. Ridiculous! I then decided to contact GAME in Surrey Quays via telephone and they also had no knowledge about Sony’s update. They said they were going to contact their HQ straight away to tell them.

On the whole, Game seemed to be sympathetic and even suggested that they may even do a recall and a refund for others (I assume). You may have to wait until they have officially issued a statement on that one though. Don’t take my word for it. What was interesting though was my contact with Sony Playstation.  I was first greeted on the phone by a customer services telephone operator who went by the name of Helen.  After raising the issue with Helen, she confirmed that the latest update blocking third-party firmware was not update 3.5 but it was in fact update 4.6.

She said that update 4.5 was released a little while ago but it was only up for a short period as it was causing a blue screen to appear.  When I mentioned about the price of a PS3 remote control pad Helen was very sympathetic to the high costs. She had claimed that she also comes from a low-income background and so she claimed to completely understand where I was coming from.  However, in Sony’s fairness, she did make the case that Sony Playstation had invented the PS3 console, and that Sony Playstation would not support other companies designing and selling cheaper products for their system as “it would be like someone else ripping off your invention”.

It does make sense and I completely understand Sony’s point. If you invent a product and some other company comes along trying to rip you off, then of course it makes sense to block these other companies from cashing in on your product. However, considering that Sony has sold over 75 million units since November 2006, and considering they have taken in so much money from their consumers and yet their pricing still appears exceedingly high, that’s not really fair on the consumer now is it? For example, if Gameware can create a control pad that works absolutely fine with the Playstation 3 and they can afford to sell it for as little as £9.99 then Sony are making anything between £1-40 for their branding alone, surely?

There is but a very small difference between the pads if I am to be honest, and I would be happy to have a cheaper pad that did exactly the same thing than get ripped off over branding. It’s pretty obvious that Sony did not take into account low and middle-income families with the prices they are charging, and if they did, then I’m sure they had fantastic deals set up with firms like Brighthouse who charge 29.9% interest on each weekly re-payment!

I then went on to asking Helen why is it that Sony is not taking legal action against these smaller third-party manufacturers for ripping off their product? She said that Sony did not have a legal team in place (are you sure?) and that it wasn’t anything to do with law. She then went on to say that, Sony PS3 does not support third-party firmwares and that their console do not “support” the pads so can’t guarantee they work with the pads. However, when I raised the fact that the pad was working absolutely fine and that it wasn’t until I updated to the latest version of 4.6 that it stopped working, she basically removed all liability and reiterated that Sony Playstation does not support these pads. I asked her if I could speak to her boss or someone from PR or their legal advice team but according to her no such departments exist at Sony.

I have a strong feeling that consumers are being completely ripped off here. Why is it that Sony cannot put an end to the third-party companies? Their effort to block does not do the consumer any favours as the consumer has already gone out and bought the control pad before they block it. They claim they cannot take legal action. On the boxes of these cheaper control pads it states “designed for Playstation 3” but Helen says that what they say is true, and that it is designed for Playstation 3 but it is not designed by Sony Playstation.

In Game’s fairness, they seem to be completely out of the loop to what is going on here (until I have notified them now) but it seems that there is a cold war going on behind the scenes between Sony Playstation and third-party Gameware firms and it is the consumer being used as the weapon in it all!

Game & Sony Should Know Better Than to Exploit Their Customers


I have always been an ardent Playstation supporter. The amount of money Sony has had off me over the last ten years, Playstation one, two, 3, PSP for my kids, hundreds of games, well, let’s just say that the amount I’ve probably spent is so much as to even try suggest a figure. Truth is, I have spent so much that I’ve completely lost count (if truth be told). However, today I thought I would blog on something that has recently come to my attention. Something that has really hit a nerve.

It started a good year ago when my original PS3 remote stopped working. I thought fair enough, seeing as I had the bugger for quite a while and the poor thing took a good bashing over the years, it was probably best that I went out and bought myself a new pad. When I went to Game, they had a much wider selection of pads and so I decided to go all out and get myself a new blue one. £44.99! (Second hand). Yes. I took it home, had it for about two weeks and my son dropped it on the floor, I picked it up and that was the end of it. Completely dead.

I didn’t really have the money to go out and pay forty-five quid for another pad and so I thought that I’d get myself a cheap wired control pad. Paid around £15 for it and it worked fine, until I had to update my PS3 that is. At the time I didn’t link the pad not working to the update. I thought my son had been at it again and damaged my pad. I waited a few months this time and was inactive with my gaming until yesterday, when I decided to finally treat myself to another pad. This time I opted for a white wireless Gameware pad from Game. For £9.99 I thought I couldn’t go wrong (or so I thought).

I started playing Black Ops 2 and got myself the new Resurrection Map pack, ran my first update and everything was fine. Then around three hours ago, from nowhere, the pad shut down. I spent the following hour resetting the pad, trying different things like holding select and L to try and get it to sync but still nothing. That’s when I googled it up and found out that Sony has developed update 3.5 and in this update it overwrites third-party firmware making non-Sony pads inoperative.

Game do not tell you this, and as for Sony, they would rather suck more money out of you by developing updates that prevent you from buying cheaper pads. I am absolutely fuming with both Game and Sony. When you think that Sony have had over £75 million PS3 sales since 2006 and the amount of money they have made and continue to make, to then prevent their customers from the choice of buying a cheaper control pad, well it’s just greed!

I was considering buying a PS4 and I know they will sell with or without me but I genuinely think they are taking the piss with the amount they charge for their pads. They prevent lower income families from having the choice to decide. As for Game, they should take all these pads down from their shelves and give all of their customers full refunds!

MILLWALL: So We Lost Our Opening Game (2013/14 Season)

Millwall 0 Yeovil Town 1

So did Crystal Palace last year. In fact, Palace lost their first three opening games to the 2012/2013 Championship Season losing 3-2 to Watford at home, then they took a battering away to Bristol City losing 4-1 (Bristol City finishing bottom and relegated) and on their third game Palace lost away to Middlesbrough 2-1.

Last time I checked, Palace are but a couple of weeks away from starting their Premier League Campaign.

Keep the faith Millwall. It’s still early days! COYL!!