Sean Ash is a committed man. He is the proud father to four children. He is South London born and bred. Sean has close links with his community and is very well known in his local area. Always willing to help with a cause, Sean is seen as a man you trust with your problems.

Sean has a commitment to liberal values. He appreciates the need for people to make their own choices. That freedom of expression is something that should be protected. Sean has been heavily involved in Politics at the University of Greenwich. Seen as a champion of the underdog he has strove to protect the rights of students and the courses that they find important.

Sean is committed to increasing a sense of fairness. However he does not believe that this can be achieved by words alone. Sean is a man of action, always trying to find practical solutions to a problem. However in line with his commitment to freedom, Sean is open minded and is interested in hearing a wide variety of opinions.

Sean is interested in the history of liberal thought. He believes that one can only improve the future by understanding the past. Sean is interested in bettering himself and is always interested in reading new books or experiencing new things. Sean is a huge Millwall fan, and can often be seen at The New Den.

Sean has been committed to the Liberal party and has helped out at many local events. He has also volunteered his time and efforts to help out Simon Hughes and the Southwark Liberal Democrats. In these roles he has been seen as a man who can relate to a wide demographic of the population.

Sean is a man who believes that ideas should be accessible. That in a democracy it is important for as many people as possible to understand the ideas and policies that are going to be voted on.

Sean is above all a positive person. He is ready and willing to learn, without being afraid to voice his own opinion. Sean is man that can be trusted in a crisis. He is a man that can connect with people.

– Written by Lloyd Duddridge (MA)



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