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The Swings and Roundabouts of Syria


In dire situations, it is the composed leader who can create the right type of environment to save lives. They possess the ability to create calmness in heated situations and can direct people safely to safety. However, the incompetent leader only ever exacerbates the situation; generating fear, tension and an unnecessary panic that costs lives. For those of us in the West, there is a fire in the building, and the person leading the evacuation is Donald Trump. Quite frankly, I’m sick of seeing innocent people getting trampled on!

Every time we intervene in foreign affairs, it is our soldiers who sacrifice the greatest. Every time our leaders sanction air strikes, it is the innocent people of those countries who lose the greatest. Every time there is a terrorist attack, it is our innocent who suffer the greatest. For every action there is a reaction similar in response. In other words, you kill my friend, then I’ll kill your friend etc. but what does this change?

The swings and roundabouts of western politics aren’t much different. We like to profess how much we like change, but does it ever truly happen? Firstly, both the obsession and dissatisfaction with change between progressives and conservatives has lead us to the point that we are forever stuck in limbo doing the Okie Cokie. Secondly, the disillusioned are far too stubborn to participate in the system, so things only ever move the same way as set by prog-cons.

The sad part of this is that I see the same status quo among world leaders with not much scope for change. Might I add, [leaders] who all seem to have an addiction of playing chess with the average man playing the part of pawn. Ask the local man or woman down the street, they know this. They know that we are pawns, we all do, and we accept this, but I can’t accept it any longer. The Frost Report taught me better.

If the United States and Russia go to war, a decision will be executed from an office out of touch with people like you and I, yet it will be you and I who’s futures are determined because of it. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will be the first ones on luxury jet planes heading to sanctuary when shit hits the fan, along with their family members and loved ones. For Trump to bomb Syria, it’s nothing to him personally as it’s not Trump who has his neck on the line personally.

Leaders in the west seem to always escape trial. Blair and Bush are the epitome of this fact, as they still continue to stroll around like they are the untouchables. But for us civilians, we aren’t untouchable. We are far more dispensable to them because they don’t know us. Yet they claim to represent us.

No matter where you come from; the UK, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania or Turkey, you will find that we all have people close to us. People who we love and care about. We all want to be happy and to live good lives. We all want to respect our traditions and honour the history of those ancestors who have fallen before us. Some of us have children, who sometimes like to play together, while we share meals; telling our own stories and personal experiences over a drink or two.

We share parts of our own languages (sometimes teaching each other the naughty words) and we see beyond the differences and value each other’s company. We go to work, pay our taxes and try to be helpful towards others. We are good people, yet we are the very good people who are always the first casualties when bad leaders lash out.

Our leaders are supposed to lead by example, but in the case of Trump authorising air strikes against Assad, it is stupidity at its finest. It’s like having that idiot friend, who ain’t really a friend, but he keeps lurking around and acting hard cos you’re there. You know, the show off who keeps looking for a fight when you just wanted to enjoy a nice quiet pint.

Trump’s reactionary air strikes will only reap what they sow. He has acted like a bad alcoholic parent who, rather than approach the situation responsibly as an adult does, has approached the situation possessing no other strategy but chastisement. The same leaders who tell you not to smack your kids but to use behavioural strategies instead. The same ones who keep quiet when they drop a few bombs killing kids but yell fowl play when chemical weapons are used. Hypocrites!

I was also upset by Tim Farron when he said that, “evil happens when good people do nothing”. It felt like the same rhetoric that was used to mislead us into Iraq. I would better perhaps argue that evil will always happen whether we like it or not. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a role for good people in the world. I believe the role for good people is to bring comfort and peace to places in the world where comfort and peace was thought impossible. Otherwise, what is so impressive about being good and what more are we doing but going round in circles?

That and giving ISIS (a far worse evil) more power. Assad really has no reason to kill innocent civilians with chemical weapons, considering his political objectives of bringing stability back to Syria. The correct response would be to take more time to build an inside position in order to see if it was Assad. If the Russians are working closely with him, then why aren’t we working closer?

We could have requested an opportunity for him to prove his innocence, by having a UN team supervising their air strips and strategic meetings. There are far more peaceful ways to work out where this has come from. There are also other alternative possibilities that rebels or ISIS have captured weapons and it could be the case one of their sites has been bombed, inadvertently setting off the agent. Or he could have been set up due to the past? There are other possibilities. I’m quite sure we should be careful after Iraq.