Fascists Remembering Our Fallen A Disrespect To Their Memory

img_3703Remembrance Sunday is always emotional. In a hotel in Folkestone this weekend, they held a function dinner for ex-military, and seeing them all in their uniforms and wearing their medals commanded both sadness and respect. Sadness for those fallen, and respect for those still here with us.

Seeing them reminded me exactly how important they were and still are; how significant to our shared history they are; how they had less than we have today and yet still the many liberties we are fortunate to have today, are because of them as they sacrificed and gave up things so that we could have them.

They were arguably one of the bravest generations of men and women to walk the planet, and yet they all came from different walks of life, and they all converged in order to defend a valuable set of common interests. Those being, to oppose fascism and fight for the rights of the marginalised, minorities and those considered weak or vulnerable, so that none can be intimidated, bullied or killed simply for being different.

We wear the poppy with pride for our fallen, our survivors and for the values they fought listed above. Yet despite the right wing propaganda machine circulating their nonsense that liberals are against the poppy, I could not be prouder to wear one. This doesn’t mean that I supported the war in Iraq or agree with western foreign policy, but it’s because I believe that we should remember our dead, and the poppy signifies the remembrance in them and our common values.

What ruins this memory are the flaws in right wing ideology that many are advocating, promoting and supporting today. I know I’m always banging on about the right wing, I know it might get jarring, but I only do so because there are so many contradictions, and such contradictions need to be surfaced so that men and women who buy into such degrading values, can rethink what they have bought into.

If we can agree, both on the left and the right, that many gave up everything for us,  all so that we could have the freedoms we have today, and that Churchill was right when he said, “Never was so much owed by so many to so few”, then why do the right wing possess so much passion for this yet wish to deprive others of having the same right to live in liberty and to honour their fallen?

Why is it that blacks are forever told to “get over slavery” and the right wing insist that it shouldn’t matter to them because it wasn’t done by us and it never happened to them? Why are the right forever complaining by saying that black people don’t need a month to be reminded of their history, yet if someone is not wearing a poppy, it means betrayal and treason of ours?

I think that everyone should live by three things. 1. We all should remember our fallen. 2. We all should do everything to enable the freedom of others as our investment in their freedoms are an investment in our own and 3. We shouldn’t tell others they can’t have one thing yet at the same time defend our right to have just that. It is contradicting and promotes one rule for one and another for everyone else. This is not what our ancestors died for and actually represents the biggest form of disrespect to their memory. Those in support of right wing politics should acknowledge this, reflect and improve their line of thinking. They fought against fascism, not for us to become fascists ourselves.


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