1906 Reasons To Support Tim Farron


If you were expecting one thousand nine hundred and six reasons to support Tim Farron, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m sure there are that many reasons to support Tim, maybe more, but I want to talk about the great Liberal triumph of 1906.

In 1906 the Liberals achieved a landslide victory, winning around 400 seats, due to Henry Campbell-Bannerman reuniting the party, as well as not forgetting the existence of an ‘out of touch’ Tory party. It’s difficult to truly determine whether it was Liberal strengths or Conservative weaknesses that truly brought the Liberals to their victory in 1906.  As a pluralist, I like to think that both factors correlated and paid complements to one another. If this is the case, then the Liberal Democrats have everything still to play for in 2020.

The Conservatives failed in 1906 because they introduced unpopular legislation and managed to alienate the public from the political process. Pretty much like we are witnessing with the Tory government of today. On the other hand, the Liberals had united with the workers and stood up for the things that truly mattered. After all, It was the liberals who wanted reforms that would introduce better living standards for those most vulnerable. This gave the Liberals strength.

109 years later, we seem to be back in the same place; divided (due to the last 5 years) and we have a Conservative Party looking to introduce more ‘tough love’ pieces of legislation. With over 16,000 new members joining the Liberal Democrats since the General Election, The Lib Dems are now in the perfect position to rebuild momentum and take on a Tory Party that will, no doubt, hit low paid workers and the unemployed the hardest.

If we can build on our strengths now, then waiting for the Tories to produce their weaknesses is but a matter of time. However, relying on the Tories to grow weaker isn’t the problem, we do still need to be strong and more than anything, we do still need a strong leader.

So, who is our Henry Campbell-Bannerman of our day? I believe that man is Tim Farron. Tim understands the ‘bread and butter’ issues better than most, and I truly do believe that he can achieve more than Campbell-Bannerman by not neglecting social reforms. Over the past 5 years, Tim has been a colossal strength to the party. He is admired by many, and has the ability to charm liberal ideas.

Tim is also endlessly proving that he can reunite the party by both acknowledging and connecting with the grassroots (who work for nothing but sheer love). If Tim is to win this leadership election, then travelling back to 1906 might help him achieve just that.  We are living in times where things appear to be different from that of 1906 but in reality we are still living in the past. If anyone can bring us forward, it’s Tim Farron.


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