Is Religious Faith A Good or Bad Thing? Part 2:

Is Religious Faith A Good or Bad Thing?Part 2: 

Samuel Mack-Poole’s follow up to my response on his original article. Now here is my answer to ‘Why God Could Never be Yahweh’. 

As Samuel’s article has shown, he has opted to view the hammer in the negative light rather than in the positive. The hammer, as I described as being the neutral component to which we decide how we use, has been picked up by Samuel and used in a way to destroy rather than build. This is not surprising, as I do find that within Atheism/Anti-theism, and without stereotyping as I am sure not all are like this, but there is a tendency to project negativity towards religion rather than walk away from it altogether. Why is that? Surely if one does not believe in the existence of God, then their lives should be Godless. The very instance someone mentions God, it simply would not register, and nor would they even find the time nor the energy to waste even entertaining the idea.

However, many spend their entire lives drawn to the idea of a creator. It cannot be escaped for the idea is so captivating and powerful, that it is very much a legitimate one. I would argue, it is so powerful, that not even Atheists can escape the notion of God’s existence. Consequently, the very existence of Atheism/Anti-theism relies on there being the thesis of a God/s. As without it, they are nothing; they no longer exist within their adopted identities, and in many ways, religion is the only thing giving their identities the air to breathe. Surely, it would be better to just say I believe in nothing and live your life than to adopt an ism and then subsequently try to prove wrong? 

But what disturbs Samuel most is the idea of a God that judges and punishes. Of course this is seen as cruel, evil and wicked. However, do we, ourselves, not believe in justice? Surely, that is why we are a society that supports the courts of law and judges who preside on them? Do we not judge others for their sins when we see injustice with our own eyes? Do we not live in a society that believes in the prison system? Whereby we want those who have committed crimes to be punished for them? Is there a single Brit that did not want to see the worst happen to Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale when they committed their deplorable acts against Lee Rigby? I even heard many asking for them to be hung for their crimes.

The only difference is that when God does it, he is evil, but when we do it, we are just. Its like the idea of us being ‘created’ somewhat being wrong. Did any of our children evolve in the womb without two things coming together to create? Did a car just appear from nowhere? Or was there a design? A plan? An idea? You see, when we deny God, we deny ourselves, and when we call God a lie, we are lying to ourselves. The commandments that have been laid out before us are not difficult to understand. They are for our own benefit.

So ask yourself this, as you mentioned The Tenth Plague of Egypt but failed to mention the fact that God inflicted on Egypt to persuade the Pharaoh to release ill-treated Israelites from slavery. Was He not the God standing against the oppression of slavery? Just as you mentioned ‘ the slaughter of the Amelekites’, were they not the first aggressors? Renowned for being ruthless and aggressive, was it not they who first attacked Israelites in the Sinai desert? Was He not the God then defending the weak from the bully? Whatever part of the old testament you quote, you fail to mention the reasoning why justice was handed down in the first place.

If you have a child, and you go out and start enslaving people or murdering them for the benefit of your own ends, what kind of father would that make you? Surely any father who truly loved their children, would not be engaged in such activities in the first place. They would be singing their children beautiful nursery rhymes; reading to them and showing them every bit of love they deserve. It’s like a father walking their child down the train tracks and expecting that, if a train should come, not both will be hit. Behind every action of God, there was good intentions and yet as people we always failed our Father.

Anyway, despite what I have discussed above, I am not completely sure that I agree to every event stated being factual. And that is where Jesus comes into it. Jesus mainly only ever described ways by using parables. And that is why I believe the old testament to be books of examples rather than books of events. That is why I think that Jesus came into the world to show us the way and bring us back onto the path from our tangents. The old testament is not to be taken literal but by ways of understanding why and how certain actions can lead to certain consequences.

I do not believe in the great flood, or that the world was created in six days, for days are a man-made measurement.  However, the BIBLE is merely an acronym for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, and instructions should contain clear examples. As any person with a free will and a free mind cannot be instructed without examples or reasoning. You cannot assemble a chest of drawers from Ikea without first looking at the instructions to do so. 

Lastly, the argument regarding Christians believing in infanticide is incorrect. If we believed that, then we would support Herod’s order to kill all young boys, two years and under, both in and surrounding Bethlehem when Jesus was born. No Christian could support that, as it would be like turning a gun around and shooting oneself in the head. You will actually find that from embryo to foetus, right the way through from birth until death, Christians believe in preserving life. Can you say the same about all Atheists? 


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