The Glass Design: Why YOU Need The Unemployed


According to ONS there are 2.47 million economically ‘active’ unemployed people looking for work. There are 8.92 million economically “inactive” people not looking for work. There were 545,000 job vacancies for August to October 2013. Now tell me, how do you fit 2.47 million unemployed ACTIVE people looking for work into 545,000 jobs? You tell me how that is done, and I will tell the other 8.92 million to get off their “lazy” backsides and try.

In February this year, there were 2.51 million unemployed, and so I welcome the 0.4% decrease in unemployment. However, many public sector jobs have been scrapped, so what I don’t get is, if you can lower unemployment by offering more work in the private sector, hence raising more tax, then why can public sector jobs not stay or increase? Surely that would bring unemployment even further down? Where’s the money GOING?

Albeit, because of the design of the glass, it has been made only to fit so many people. This is because resources are scarce and materials limited.  Therefore, people are made to compete to grab their place in the champagne glass to which the rich more than happily drink out of. The next time you call someone lazy because they are unemployed, thank your lucky stars because it could easily be you.

Even if you break the definitions down, there are double standards everywhere!

‘Laziness’ is defined as being “unwilling to work or use energy.” Whereas ‘Energy’ is defined as “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.” Who on Earth would choose to live an unsuccessful life over a successful one? Would someone who is consistently strong turn to addictive alcohol? drugs? gambling or anything else ascribed to the “scrounging unemployed”? Of course not, and if he did then surely it would mean that it was because he had a bad day; he was weak, he has fallen into an addiction and needs help; he is lacking the energy to cope and to keep on his toes. We tell him to rest.

Yet the unemployed we call “lazy” like they are strong and have all the energy in the world. We accuse them of being a shirker that unacceptably rest up and do nothing. On a whim, they choose a life of destitution; they choose addiction and failure like they don’t have a care in the world when maybe, just maybe, they simply lack the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.

I suppose that it’s far more easier just to call these people lazy, because that would be the lazy option in itself than trying to help and care for those who lack energy due to hardship and malnutrition.

The rich man who sits at home in his nice big house and who sometimes likes to play tennis in the garden; the man who simply picks up his phone and tells others what to do so they all work hard to get by whilst simultaneously making him rich.. He is not lazy but a successful man. But our friend on welfare, the horrible, grim, work avoiding lazy scum bag who offers very little to a society that equally offers very little to him.. He is the laziest of them all and it is him that has caused recessions, depressions and the reason we are all stressing!

“Why can’t his life suck as hard as mine” I yell!!! “Why can’t he sweat the blood and tears that I do!” only to keep these rich men in power.. “Why is it that I am a slave and he is not?” “Make him a slave too” you say…

Or maybe, just maybe, the problem to him being there is the will of others to have more. The things as they are, indeed.

As the British Pragmatist philosopher Lloyd Duddridge [MA] said, “Unemployed people pay taxes, too AND they keep local business thriving…”

I will leave you all with a quote from another great philosopher, Alan Watts:

“The hand said we do all our work, the feet said we do our work, the mouth said we do all the chewing, and here’s this lazy stomach that gets it all and doesn’t do a thing. He doesn’t do any work… so lets go on strike. And the hands refuse to carry, the feet refuse to walk, the mouth refuses to chew, and said, “now, we’re on strike against the stomach.” But after a while all of them found themselves getting weaker and weaker, and weaker and weaker because they didn’t recognise that the stomach fed them.” 



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