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Liberal Democrats Restoring Balance With Shared Parental Leave

Liberal Democrats clearly show they are not for taking baby steps when dealing with inequality.


For the first time, we will see both mothers and fathers share more parental rights as Nick Clegg announces that mothers and fathers will be eligible to apply for up to 1 year of shared parental leave (maternal/paternal as they see fit) and extended flexible working.

Why is this positive for fathers? As it now stands, fathers have very little rights and miss out on sharing the vital bonding time with their newborns due to limited paternal rights. In fact, until now, they merely get the leftovers or the breadcrumbs of maternal rights as they can only apply for a mere one-two weeks of paternal leave while mothers enjoy up to 52 weeks of maternity leave. The imbalance is that fathers miss out on fulfilling their parental duties while mothers miss out fulfilling their careers in the work place.

This new policy is a positive step for women and employers. The way things have been has only reinforced the sexist idea that fathers are naturally the breadwinners while mothers “should be” at home raising the kids. This disparate and ignorant way of thinking has been the very underpinning to the inequality that has seen many fathers treated unfairly in the family courts, as well as delivering the vast inequality that most hardcore feminists kick off about on a daily basis.

It is to my understanding that employers will now get to work with both mothers and fathers so that working hours can be negotiated, alternated and shared between the two; thus employers get the most out of their work force while both parents get the most out of their careers while enjoying parenthood. Women can no longer be discreetly palmed off by potential employers due to the fear of them perhaps one day wanting to start a family. This will also apply for grandparents so they can apply to help their children by helping their grandchildren.

This is a fantastic policy from the Liberal Democrats. It clearly exhibits that the war against sexism has now begun, and that a tangible responsibility to children should be shared between both mothers and fathers. Lets now get the same rights for fathers when mothers and fathers have separated due to the family courts still seeing the mother as the ‘stay at home’ and the father as a mere ‘breadwinner’.

What is refreshingly positive is that the Liberal Democrats are clearly determined to stamp out inequality as they attempt to bring balance back to the force, and stop that callous cloned blue army from bringing about any further imbalances to the galaxy.

At least now, Luke might actually know who his father is.