Double Bogey Harman!

Harriet Harman calling men only golf clubs an “embarrassment” is not only a par but a step too far! She should know that single sex exclusive golf clubs represent 1% of all clubs, and of that 1% men only clubs make up 50% and the other 50% is made up of Women only clubs. Why not call for a ban on women only clubs as well then? I will tell you why: misandry and political correctness gone mad.


Why is it that men’s clubs are being perceived as old fashioned and yet we have women only clubs up and down the country and yet they are always promoted in the positive light of being empowering? For example, in Bexley there is a women’s only gym. Why is that? Is it not the presupposition that men are perverts that prey on women in the gym when the reality is far from that? Maybe a man might actually want to go to the gym to work on his own fitness and physique without being thought of as a potential flirting pervert?

Then we have people like WSFF Chief Executive Sue Tibballs saying that Muirfield’s membership policies are sexist and are “absurd in the 21st century” and yet I hear nothing being mentioned of Formby Ladies Golf Club or Lundin Ladies Golf Club? Yet again, raging feminists on the attack against men. This is not to say all feminists are as extreme, but there are some like Harriet Harman who does seem to push the feminist agenda so far that it discriminates against men and actually causes further imbalances on the other side.

I am all for equality, but I am fed up of men constantly being attacked when the scales are in fact level on this particular issue. It’s a disgrace that no one is calling to put an end to single sex clubs but they are more than happy to attack men only clubs. It’s double standards, it’s a double bogey!

Special thanks to Howard Pearson for research.


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