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The New Robinsons TV Advert – ‘It’s Good To Be A Dad’

I was touched to see the new Robinsons TV Advert. This is what being a father is all about! Glad to see that Robinson’s have made this video. For all those that are most forgetful on just how important fathers are to a child, please do watch the video.


I’m Still Not Convinced About Tuition Fees

Yesterday, UCAS published their report on the demand for Higher Education at undergraduate level and on a full-time capacity in 2013. There are many things to welcome in this report. First, I think that it is very positive that more people from BME backgrounds have applied to study in a Higher Education setting. In fact, since 2006, this report shows that there has been a 70% proportional increase of BME applications. This is fantastic news.

It is also positive to see that more young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are applying to go to university and at record levels than ever before. I welcome the closing the gap between the richest and the poorest students. Although, I am unhappy to see the reverse effect for young white students, as the report indicates that there has been a drop in applications made by young white people. And although there are slight improvements, I am still unhappy to see the lowest application rates coming from the North East of England.

So look, lets cut to the chase. I believe that if you can’t get the basics right, then everything else will constantly be out of balance no matter how much you fiddle with things. As the data will change from time to time; sometimes benefiting one political party and discrediting others, I feel that I have to speak up for students on this issue being one myself.


My Annual Statement from The Student Loans Company Limited

This is the reality. This is the letter that I opened up only a few weeks ago to see. This is for three years of my life. I am 31 years old and I am nearly £31k in debt with only a few ideas to show for it. As much as the data is painted in a way to show improvements to our education system, and as I have highlighted above, there are positive steps being made to make Higher Education more inclusive so that your average Joe Bloggs can go along and learn something worthwhile, it still is not good enough in my books as our young people are finding themselves in debt before they have even got a job and this is not only wrong but it is unfair.

I went into a state of dark depression when the reality of this debt had eventually dawned on me. When I signed up, I was in a poor place, lacking opportunity, and I didn’t care about terms and conditions. To be honest, I didn’t really understand much of how University funding worked as at College we had help filling in our UCAS forms and so forth. At the time, I just wanted to get out of the polluted pond that I was in having a real thirst for knowledge. I climbed out only to find myself in a bigger, more polluted and more exploited pond than before. It’s so easy to paint me out to fit data that generalizes all as the same but when you are dealing with this in the subjective, when it is you opening your mail and reading how much you owe, when it is your family that have to help pick up the pieces, then no matter how you paint the data it will never taste nice to an individual that knows better.

We really need to take our young people out of debt as well as mature students. If they grow up in debt and think that it is right to be in debt, then how will this country ever change? Our politicians land this country in debt, poor people are encouraged to take out loans for goods only to find themselves paying ridiculous interest fees. It’s all debt, debt, debt. We can never be a country free from debt if we do not show our youngsters the right ways.


I am a Liberal Democrat and I highly respect the views of my peers about their views on how education is funded. However, I stand firmly onside with free education. Albeit, I think we all can accept that we simply cannot expect education to fund itself anymore; teachers cost money and so do resources and materials. However, it is not so much what you do but how you do it that counts.

A Retrospective Tax would remove the burden of debt on our youngsters; rather than being owned by education, they would become contributors to education. Every person to go to University will have a stake in the educational system. It is time that we got back to basics and did things the right way, and a Retrospective Tax would be the fairest way to do it.

Why should we see fees go up to £9k a year and then the government sell off the loans book for equivalent to £3k a year and then an investor gets to make a nice sum of profit off the backs of students? It is not only unethical but it is outrageous! It’s like the deal was set all along. We need a fairer way to fund education and I believe that putting students at the heart of education can only make education stronger. I believe that having a Retrospective Tax would remove the burden of debt and liberate an entire generation into a stronger economy and a fairer society.

As always I’m happy to hear your views.

Double Bogey Harman!

Harriet Harman calling men only golf clubs an “embarrassment” is not only a par but a step too far! She should know that single sex exclusive golf clubs represent 1% of all clubs, and of that 1% men only clubs make up 50% and the other 50% is made up of Women only clubs. Why not call for a ban on women only clubs as well then? I will tell you why: misandry and political correctness gone mad.


Why is it that men’s clubs are being perceived as old fashioned and yet we have women only clubs up and down the country and yet they are always promoted in the positive light of being empowering? For example, in Bexley there is a women’s only gym. Why is that? Is it not the presupposition that men are perverts that prey on women in the gym when the reality is far from that? Maybe a man might actually want to go to the gym to work on his own fitness and physique without being thought of as a potential flirting pervert?

Then we have people like WSFF Chief Executive Sue Tibballs saying that Muirfield’s membership policies are sexist and are “absurd in the 21st century” and yet I hear nothing being mentioned of Formby Ladies Golf Club or Lundin Ladies Golf Club? Yet again, raging feminists on the attack against men. This is not to say all feminists are as extreme, but there are some like Harriet Harman who does seem to push the feminist agenda so far that it discriminates against men and actually causes further imbalances on the other side.

I am all for equality, but I am fed up of men constantly being attacked when the scales are in fact level on this particular issue. It’s a disgrace that no one is calling to put an end to single sex clubs but they are more than happy to attack men only clubs. It’s double standards, it’s a double bogey!

Special thanks to Howard Pearson for research.

Andy Murray: Etched into History


Andy Murray now stands in the Hall of Fame after beating Novak Djokovic in three straight sets in the Men’s Singles Final at Wimbledon. It took an incredible amount of belief, character, determination, resilience and not forgetting the will to succeed. Some live for money, others for wealth and for material possessions. Then there are those who will stop at nothing to make history. To have their name etched onto the board of victors. To have that moment of lifting the cup and being acknowledged as a champion among people. To be remembered in life and in death. Their life now significant. Their face always remembered. Their victory always highlighted. Their purpose fulfilled. Their legacy to live on beyond the grave complete. Eternal life has been granted.

Congratulations Andy.


Amazing Video From The Liberal Democrats – 25 Years

The Resilient Liberal Enters E-Buzzing at Number…

Ebuzzing - Top Blogs - Politics

354. Well, it’s a start.

Hosting the World Cup In Brazil: Right or Wrong Move?


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With the World Cup less than a year away, it hasn’t exactly been an inspiring time for Brazil. When I decided to blog on Brazil, considering what has been going on there during the last month or two, I had considered blogging that Fifa should pull out of Brazil altogether and change hosts. Surely understandable as to why I would originally think this way. First we have seen protesters and innocent civilians being shot in the face with rubber bullets at the hands of the Brazilian police, and secondly, today we have heard that a referee was tied up, stoned and quartered by an outraged group of supporters, and then had his head on a stake in the middle of the pitch.

It only raises concerns as to how those travelling into Brazil next year for the games might be treated if there should be trouble. Despite these concerns, the Brazilian people know that the world is watching, and they know the world is paying even more attention now than ever before. If there was ever a time to expose corrupt politicians, police forces for malpractice and governments for unfair distribution of rights and materials, then now is the time.

Despite the recent negativity coming out of Brazil, it is refreshing to see young Brazilian students coming out and attempting to make their voices heard. It is refreshing to see every day Brazilian people protesting together for fairness. Democracies are not just installed overnight and then working fine the next day. Democracies take time, but this is good as it enables the people to question the type of society they want to live in.

The Brazilian government’s imprudence has now been highlighted. The world can now see what is going on. It’s time Brazilian politicians acknowledged the Brazilian people and their concerns. When $30billion is being spent on the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics and yet people are still living in poverty while many others are not even able to afford to go to the games, then it just goes to show the government was foolish to bite off more than they could chew.

Governments must not solely move with an agenda of economic development without the social aspect. People must feel part of the development, otherwise the developments just result in breeding grounds for vandalism. The world has been moved by recent events, and now we all await to see Brazil’s next move. Was Brazil hosting the World Cup a step in the right direction? Yes, but the people must be supported better by their government and their government needs to be better supported from all other entering countries and most importantly supported and equipped better by Fifa.