Why Welcoming Foreigners Can Help Boost the Economy

With new found friends in Ayia Napa

As a young child, I was fortunate enough to go on holidays with my family.  The main destination was always either France or Spain. My father used to take us on the old Stella Line Ferry from Calais to Dover and we would drive all the way down to the sunny south. As I got older, I visited other countries such as Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Turkey and Wales. Whenever I have gone abroad, I have always found the local people to be very accommodating and friendly. It has never been forgotten how some of the most wonderful people I have met, and how some of the most wonderful memories I have had, memories that I will never forget, have been due to time spent abroad on foreign soil. 

You will always meet some of the most amazing characters when you are abroad. Most of them you will find are travelers just like yourself and there are the hosts who put on a darn good show. They have to, they need to convince you to spend some of that hard-earned cash you are holding onto! It’s important to walk away from a place happy. In fact, it is what boosts reputation, and when others hear of how good a particular place is, they tend to want to try it for themselves. It’s good for business!

When you hear of places like Portugal where expats are being mistreated and conned out of their money by the state police for merely gambling with biscuits, and when you hear of places like Indonesia where their state continues to carry out the death penalty, well, let’s just say that it doesn’t leave me with the alluring desire to want to go there any time soon.  Not that I would ever take part in criminal activity, but it’s more to do with the fact, that, the harsher the laws are in a country, the more off-putting it can be for people wanting to visit. Draconian laws are unattractive. They leave a bad taste in the mouth. The idea of sun, sea, sand and the feeling of being free from society’s  constraints is what people will spend their money on. 


Who wants to travel to Syria anytime soon and spend lots of money seeing the sights there? Where soldiers are having their lungs cut out and eaten by rebels? Or who wants to go out to Brazil and get caught up on the receiving end of a police rubber bullet? These are not just lessons for locals to learn but even more so important for governments to learn. When many foreign students are paying high university tuition fees to come to Britain, and yet they find themselves feeling unwelcome and isolated by a government’s policy, what does this say about the future of our country and for our reputation? These students will one day return home only to tell locals how we hate foreigners and blame them for everything. It creates a global perception that is both negative and uninspiring. It’s not at all good for business. 

CORRECTION Brazil Confed Cup Protests

We need to start opening our minds up and treating the foreign national coming in as we would like to be treated when we are traveling abroad. All nation states need to be working together to create the perfect luxury resorts that focus less on draconian laws and more on enhancing the customer experience when foreign nationals enter their lands. It’s not only good for business but it is good for the spirit and even better for achieving freedoms and liberties. We need to invest in offering good services and stay well away from all the negative stuff that will leave us impoverished. 


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