Fathers’ Day Video Special: Every Dad Matters

I have been out in Greenwich with the prolific film maker Lewi London filming a Fathers’ Day special. We have managed to interview a few different people so that we can build a full length documentary on “Dad’s Matter”, but we wanted to give you an early taster for Fathers’ Day.

Please do watch, share, comment, and if you would like to be interviewed please do get in touch. Happy Fathers’ Day to all you daddies out there!


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  1. i am biased as i am an Irish dad! been through mediation court etc and have three nights a fortnight. gender equality? on a brighter note i spent fathers day at a toby carvery with my two boys and the son of my exs new partner. i was tempted to turn the game on its head at one point. watching three wee boys discuss peas and mint sauce is enough to make you realise that they should be kept out of our adult conflicts. loved hearing the young guy say his dad is his best friend. lovely. to those ike me who see them…enjoy. to those who do not..never give up. they will return. my only criticism is that they should have interviewed mums and daughters too. many many women are on our side.

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