The Victimization of Middle Lane Hoggers


The UK is set to see the corrosion of yet more civil liberties as on the spot fines of up to £100 come into place for minor traffic offenses. The police will also be able to issue points to drivers without even stepping a foot inside the court room. Apparently, this is to save court time for police officers. Ha! And there was I thinking that justice was the bedrock of our oh so progressive society! I am sure this news will bring flashing money signs before many polices officer’s eyes. A new bonus for them surely as, like the Spanish police lurking just outside the borders of Andorra, our police force will be at opportunity to back pocket more money while also bringing down the number of reported offenses by simply not reporting them. It is possible, is it not?

Let’s face it, we are living in times where the trust is all one way. That is, our trust is no more than an ultimatum to either do as they say or face the consequences. Alternately, when it comes to the state trusting us, zero trust is offered in return. I would hate to see a OAP going a little slower and taking extra precaution to then being bullied off the road by a “policy enforcement officer” to then having a £100 on the spot fine taken from their purse or wallets just because they were not going fast enough. You cannot win; go too slow and they fine you; go too fast and they fine you. What on earth is the third (fast lane) for if not to overtake?

They are now picking on ‘middle lane hoggers’ just like they singled out and picked on chavs, hoodies and children from broken homes who now have to kip on a sofa when they stay with their non-residential parent (usually the father). Imagine if we issued the police with the ultimatum of either an on the spot fine or going on a course for not doing their job properly? How just and fair would that be? Imagine if we pulled over police officers for using technology while driving and giving them the ultimatum? Or whenever you have seen, and I am pretty sure you all have, a police officer abusing their sirens to cut traffic and speeding when it just is not necessary.

I have never made any insurance claims nor have I been involved in any road accidents. I am a responsible driver and I reject what they are doing! I for one will not be paying any fines and I advise others not to do the same. I will also not accept points on my license unless convicted in a court of law. You have rights whether they are acknowledged or not. Do not let them bully you off the road. Know your rights!

Bill of Rights 1689 – “All grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of particular persons before conviction are illegal and void.”



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