What ever happened to GREAT Britain?

What if I were to tell you that in the next two years 260,000 British people are going to die of famine? And, what if I then went on to tell you that at least half of those deaths will be British children around the age of five years and under? It’s not a nice thought. Especially if you are a parent and have young children yourself.  If your child were harmed in the slightest, you would defend them with your own life, would you not? You would do anything to save them! Sure, you might sit back and mumble “ah, but that would never happen here”.. what if it did? Would you stick around and face death head on and allow your children to die due to famine and war? Or would you do everything in your power to get the hell out of there, saving both yourself and your children?

The BBC recently published an article showing that in Somalia, this is not just a question but a reality. At least 130,000 Somalian children have died within the last two years. Does Britain even care?

Let me also ask you, how many of you truly love and appreciate your mothers? You hear it all the time. Most British people will tell you just how much they love their mums. What if I were to tell you that 56,000 British mothers would die giving birth every year and that 300,000 babies would die within 24 hours of being born.. How would that make you feel? Because that is the harsh reality for many Indian women and children.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Children are beaten and raped by soldiers on a daily basis. What if this were your child? Why is it that people love babies when they are first-born but then start to hate the entity as it grows? Is it because we have been hated as we have grown?

I can’t fathom what that must feel like as a parent, to lose your child or for some dirty old man to have their way with your child. Even the thought is sending me into madness! The picture above shows me and my daughter sharing a wonderful moment. Moments that most others in poorer countries will never get to share with their own children. A 30 second moment. I bet you most parents growing up in war torn countries and living in poor conditions would give anything to have this moment. So why don’t we care enough to try and help them to share such moments?

It’s easy to take things for granted when your plate is full. You may not finish your plate of food, you might even demand seconds or simply throw the rest in the rubbish bin without care. You can afford to be picky. We can sometimes feel like we are hard done by here in Britain. When our government doesn’t act in a way we like, we get so worked up and think the world is coming to an end. We do not even contemplate what is going on in the outside world because we are so British-centric.

We were once a Nation that cared!

Our involvement in the second world war was not to become Nazi’s ourselves but to stand up against fascism. We have always had vested interests in Europe, Asia, America and all over the world. We were once truly great. Our politicians were once respected and idolized because we stood up for really good things. We might think that we are struggling hard but really, we don’t realise how fortunate we are. Sometimes, I waffle on how I have been homeless and how depressed I have been and it is true, these have been painful things that I have personally experienced. Just as I am also sure that you have all experienced different hardships in your lives. However, the difference is that we are still here and we are still fighting on. We should be inspiring and helping others to do the same. That is what makes us Great!

What have we become? A bitter, distrustful, discriminative and xenophobic Peoples. I cannot claim this true of everyone in Britain as I would like to have some faith that there might be some out there that really do care on a humanitarian level. All those moaning about the levels of immigration fail to remember that we are all human beings that are born through human beings. We are not born through land. We were made to be mobile and to explore the world. It is how all great things have been discovered. Don’t alienate other human beings and treat them like 3rd class citizens when I will bet my life on it, that somewhere along the line, you also probably come from a family of immigrants that were treated inhumanely for being an immigrant.

Yesterday marked VE day. I want you all to try to search your hearts and remember the people we once were, the people who once cared and the people who actually gave a shit and valued human life. That’s when we truly were the leading economy of the world. Don’t blame immigrants for the failure of our economy, we can only blame ourselves. If we do not care for them, why should anyone care for us? It’s easy to say we should exit the EU and that we should cut immigration because it is the easy option. We once had a unique fighting spirit that made us unique. We should find our hearts and make Britain Great again. Together.


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