Why Anyone With A Brain Would Vote UKIP



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  1. Okay. So you think people only vote UKIP so they can get a free mug? You dont think they vote UKIP cos the other parties think people are just that stupid they can be brought off with a mug or an oyster card holder (after all, it worked for Boris Johnson!) You dont think people are voting UKIP cos they are sick of the rich coming through public school and into Oxford or Cambridge and opting for lucrative career in politics and joining what ever party looks likely to give them a seat? Then they can form a nice cozy little group of powerful, self serving bastards who care not one little fuck about people while getting tons of money in backhanders from big business? No…its the mug, most definitely the free mug. Right.

    • Karen,

      I think you have misinterpreted the point I was trying to convey. It’s not about buying off the public with mugs and pens etc. It’s about them spending the tax payer’s money to buy mugs and pens because they think you will ignorantly take one for a vote instead of spending the money where it is needed. They will use everything to build their party and that is the message.

      What makes you think that Nigel Farage is not rich and that he didn’t grow up in the lovely village of Dulwich to then go onto top class education followed by working in the city to which I am sure he has had many backhanders?

      It makes no sense to oppose something and vote for a more extreme version of what you oppose. None whatsoever!

  2. Mark TERRELL

    This party wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked them in the face so don’t believe what they write its all lies they are nothing but traitors to the people of this country

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