Liberal Democrats at The Center of Excellence

I usually stick an image or a video when blogging to catch the eye of the reader but this time round I want to get straight to the point. No lovely images or fancy videos. Just you, me and the truth. 

It has been a shoddy week this week for three parties in-particular. First we’ve had Labour disappearing somewhere off to the left, the Conservatives running off to the right to appease their right-wing base, and then we have had UKIP telling the people exactly what they want to hear in hard times. Despite that one of their local policies states about cutting councillors’ allowances and expenses and slashing the ‘fat cat pay deals for senior council staff’, let us not forget, this time four years ago, Nigel Farage boasted of spending £2 million of tax payers money, on-top of his £64,000 salary, on financing his own political message. Practice what you preach springs to mind, Mr. Farage.

I can actually empathize with every day people. It cannot be easy when you have political parties all at each other throats, and not only are most initially out to protect the interests of the unions, the rich and their own political agendas, it would also seem true that when the going gets tough, Labour, the Tories and UKIP ALL get running!

Let me assure you one thing now: The Liberal Democrats are running nowhere and they are STILL standing firm and tall on the center ground of fairness. Whilst the others run to their corners, to protect the interests of those that really matter to them, it has been local Liberal Democrats that have stood firm in the face of criticism and it has been local Liberal Democrats that have been out knocking on doors, ringing local people and offering up their time and efforts to help local people get on in life.

Something most politicians lack is consistency, and when Liberal Democrats have proved their consistency by delivering key manifesto pledges (which can be found here), there has still been outcries of undeserving criticism against them. They understand that in life, you can’t have it all. They are not tribal and do not seek to enter an ideological war that has gone on for over a century or more; creating even more divisions and even more hatred between people. They are a party that genuinely cares about local people because they are a party made up of local people. The Liberal Democrats are a party that has no financial ties to the rich or to Unions  — They are a democratic party that all pull together and fight locally and nationally for fairness.

Make your vote today count — The Tories have left their center right abandoned, Labour have put ideology before their more social labourites, and UKIP are telling you exactly what you need to hear being the populist party that they are. They have no record of delivering, and in times like these, local people need strong, robust councillors to make the right decisions.  Think about your choices and consider voting Liberal Democrats. To all those more understanding to the importance of center politics but are members of other political parties, we welcome you to the center with open arms.



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