I am delighted to announce the NEW campaign 99-NIL!  http://99nil.com


99-Nil is a campaign to stand up against Media Sensationalism in sport and victimizing sport’s clubs based on the negative actions of less than 1% of fans. We are the 99% of fans that go to sports games and cause no trouble but enjoy the competitive banter and the sportsman spirit.

We are sick to death of being singled out and treated like we are scum. That’s why we are making a stand! We are cross-club and welcome all support.

Please sign the petiton: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/secretary-of-state-for-culture-media-and-sport-stop-victimising-millwall-fc-put-an-end-to-hooligans-headlining-in-sport

We are also campaigning on Facebook: 


On Twitter:



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  1. Sean, you recently posted a list of clubs referencing banning orders, acts of violent disorder, etc. To offer a balanced view would it not be better to have these statistics shown as a percentage of average attendance?

    • Hi Barry,
      The figures I have previously posted are the exact numbers that present us with the factual data. I am happy to move into working out by proportion but remember that by doing so, it goes into averages and so does not necessarily represent a hard statistic but a rough one that is forced into balance rather than a mirrored reflection. However, I am all for different perspectives and so I shall do this for you now my friend. Keep a look out 🙂
      Thanks again Barry,

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