The Sun Newspaper’s Attack on Millwall and the Social Classes

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Lets be honest, The Sun are hardly a credible source when it comes to reporting accurate and reliable News. They are actually a Newspaper that is everything wrong with Great Britain. The way they sell women’s breasts to the nation, in order to get people to buy their piece of garbage, just goes to show the levels they will go to make sensationalism work. They should have gone a very long time ago. The News of the World was practically their Sunday Newspaper, so when the NOTW left, they should have abandoned ship with them and sunk right to the very bottom of the sea. They don’t have the loyalty to do that! That’s what they create storms in order to create tides that throw individuals into the rocks.


Now their attention has turned to yet another of the social classes. Another football club. Millwall.

(Please see my article exposing the truth

You will never see the Sun Newspaper turn up at Old Trafford to examine the levels of drugs and violence there. I’m even pretty sure that The Sun Newspaper Chief Execs are probably at it themselves with the top boys in football just like they are in with certain politicians. That’s sensationalism for you! The only difference is that they are in a huge position of power where they can influence perceptions very easily. Not even a quarter of their readership will read this. Imagine if they did?

The Sun are not a newspaper that likes to shape perceptions in a positive light either, no. They completely ruined Jade Goody and turned her into a public monster when she was nothing more than a young uneducated (to no fault of her own) woman growing up in the world. She is one of many lives they have gone out and destroyed. Why is it that we never have as many profound problems with any other newspapers? This is not the first time they have targeted and it just goes to show what they will do to hit the headlines. They do not work in the public interest but in the interest of full free market journalism but without the invisible hand. They have no compassion whatsoever for human life. They didn’t care about Jade or her kids; what would happen to them or their families. They just wanted to sell.


We don’t want drugs and hooligans at Millwall and both supporters and the club has been working so hard to change their club’s image. Why is it that Millwall are constantly defined by the sensationalism of the press and not for all the good they do as a club? They lied about Hillsborough and now they want to bring it to the Den.

Now is the time for all clubs across the country to come together and stop this newspaper from victimizing and damaging more reputations based on ill sourced information and inaccurate journalism. Let’s put an end to them and their propaganda. If you haven’t done so already, please sign and share the petition:

Let’s make it happen, together!


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  1. why millwall? Because they can’t report every single club can they? Dont be silly mate.

    • No, they could easily pick out a certain number of clubs and test rather than just picking one. What they have done is purely anecdotal and don’t mean much to be fair. It’s just victimizing one club when we all know it is going on up and down the country.

  2. Brenton Annand

    It’s all good and well for you to bemoan the Sun’s less than fair coverage but it was Millwall fans I saw fighting at Wembley, so let’s not play the complete innocent victim here. Sure their reporting is bias and sensational but certain element’s of the Lion’s fans are still the thugs they deserve to be portrayed as.

    • To be fair, you admit ” the Sun’s less than fair coverage” and then go on to say “Sure their reporting is bias and sensational” but then say “certain element’s of the Lion’s fans are still the thugs they deserve to be portrayed as”. It is a bit contradicting surely? Considering that you have come to realise The Sun’s media coverage and headlining sets out to persuade others the wrong things. Look, no one is saying that there are not hooligans and drug takers that support Millwall, but don’t go on like EVERY other club up and down this country does not have exactly the same thing. As my earlier report shows, there are many others that are worse. So why Millwall? Think about it.

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