Boston: Keep Calm AND Carry On

I’m pretty sure that all the conspiracy theorists will soon be coming out of the wood works claiming that the Boston explosion was a false flag operation, conducted by Obama and the CIA, and then claiming that Bush definitely has something to do with it. There will be others blaming Islam and then all the xenophobes will follow in suit; people will increasingly grow more dependent on national security and yet again people will be scared to leave their homes. All they can do is sit back and watch as their freedoms and liberties drift away at sea. The western world then declines into a pool of fear. It becomes a confused place. States begin to dwell in fear. A victim with great pain seeking retribution. An endless war. The casualties? Our children and their children. Where have we seen this before?

I remember 7/7 and the London bomb attacks. I specifically remember hearing friends say they would never travel on the underground again.

Well, I say this:


A terrorist cannot fight you within a logical framework so they will try to scare you into giving up your freedoms. A terrorist lacks true courage because a terrorist cannot face their true opponent head on. Instead, they attack the innocent, the vulnerable and the weak. It is true, you are innocent, but you are not vulnerable or weak. You are attacked because you are strong. You are attacked because you have courage. You are attacked because you are powerful.

Never forget, my friends, that you should never fear what others might do to you because if you do, they will always win. As a father, I seek a better world for my children and one day they will want the same for their children. Some people just don’t care because they fail to understand the importance of children. That is why we all have a duty to raise our children to hold onto these fundamental values and encourage them not to live in a world of ignorance but instead choosing a reality that is built on truth and clarity.

Do not be scared my friends. Be courageous. Like this young boy, Martin Richard, who was eight years old and sadly lost his life.

boston martin richard

and Like this beautiful young woman, Krystle Campbell, who was only 29 years old and had her entire life ahead of her  and let us not forget the third person who was a Boston University Graduate.

Krystle Campbell

RIP to all three mentioned above and I hope that we can all provide love and care for those other people to have been injured by this bombing. Let us also not forget the many bombings taking place all over the world where many children die on a daily basis. We need a better world. We need to make a better place. RIP x


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