Why Millwall Should Keep Their Heads Up

Millwall brought an estimated 32,000 support with them to yesterday’s FA Cup Semi Final play off tie with Wigan. During the second half, a fight kicked off between two Millwall supporters. According to the Guardian, this resulted in “14 people being arrested (12 Millwall fans and two Wigan fans), including six for affray”. However, The Sun Newspaper earlier reported that up to 30 Millwall fans were fighting with yet another sensationalist headline of “scum”. The irony, that is, The Sun Newspaper calling Sun readers scum. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in my honest opinion. 

However, lets get to the nitty gritty of it all.

32,000 (attendance) / 30 (Maximum amount of those causing trouble) = 0.094.

That is, 0.094% of Millwall supporters that were alleged to have been causing trouble that day. So why is it that 99.906% of the Millwall fans that attended that day, who were on their best behavior, and Millwall Football Club, who opposed such violence, are blamed for the irresponsible actions of a spec of dust minority? I do not understand why and where all the hate for the club comes from?

Let’s take a look at last years statistics from the Home Office:


Even if we compare the Premiership to football leagues, there is a huge difference in trouble on a whole.



There are, by far, worse teams out there than Millwall, and yet time and time again the club and its supporters are targeted and ostracized. It wasn’t long ago the media pointed out one individual in the Millwall stands spouting out racist remarks and it made all the headlines but yet when you look at the Racist or Indecent Chanting section in the table above, hardly a mention in the news of anything from the Premiership. Millwall has been a club that has always been community focused. They run events and training sessions for young children and its supporter’s club have put together many charity fundraising events for victims of crime as well as their hard driven efforts to ‘kick racism out of football’.

No wonder why they think everyone hates them when they are continuously targeted all the time. Millwall is a club that promotes the community, individuals and unity. They have good core values and for all the negative comments against the club and its supporters on a whole, well, the people saying such things are just ignorant and the last time I checked, it was ignorance that breeds hate!





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  1. Another Millwall supporter send to me the other day a cutting from the St Albans local paper reporting that following the match at Watford last Saturday, 11 Watford fans were arrested on their return to King’s Cross station. Ten for public order offences and one for possession of cocaine.

    No wonder teams like Watford continue to have a clean-cut image when misdemeanours by their supporters never appear in the national press.

  2. Has the fact that the attendances of the clubs mentioned in the top 10 Football Banning orders and the top 10 Arrests based on Clubs Supported list been taken in to consideration? For example the arrest and banning orders of a club like Arsenal look significantly higher than that of Millwall’s but it is of course necessary to understand the fact that they have an unbelievably higher number of fans that attend their games and therefore you should work it out on a percentage basis rather than just numbers – or you shouldn’t work it out on a percentage basis because it will more than likely transpire that Millwall’s percentage would be significantly higher than most other clubs in these top 10’s save for Cardiff and Leeds. Likewise with the table that compares divisions rather than clubs, clearly the premiership has a significantly higher number of attendees than the Championship.

    • Awful Behavour

      Couldn’t agree with your point more! Look at the average gate, then divide that by the number of banning orders to get a true idea of how big this issue is!

    • It makes little difference. I’ve just worked out both Manchester United and Leeds and both still show significantly higher than Millwall. Check it out for yourselves.

      We can nit pick all day and go through different formulas that will benefit those on the list shown but it makes very little difference to be honest.

      The main point being emphasized here is that even if you did change the method to working out by proportionality, Millwall still would not be top of the list.

      So why the hate on Millwall?

      Also, why attempt to lessen criminal activity by converting statistics? How can you justify having more criminal activity due to increase in population? If that’s the case, then Millwall’s only fault is they don’t have enough supporters!

      p.s. May I be cheeky and ask what teams you both support? 🙂

  3. in Indonesia are also common brawl between supporters of football teams..


  5. cracking article, this has been my argument to all the idiots who have been berating me about my support of this great club. The coked up, pissed up idiotic minority ruin it for us real fans.

  6. Here goes ; Im a Hammer! do actually feel for you on this one.
    On matchdays the enemy but have family and loads of mates Millwall im originally from Sarf East London now expat in Sweden.
    Total idiots who did that an infront of and around kids. my mates who went were appalled an rightly slagged them off.
    See on the videos some genuine fans trying to stop them fighting and getting hit! old bill took way too long to get in there and stop it. not sure what happened with sale of tickets but seems wasnt policed properly.
    Im not naive to what goes on ,we were at Wembley last season and were loads of season ticket holders etc who couldnt go or were greedy got tickets and sold them on,most are sensible and knew the people sold to and who would respect fact that it was on their heads and season ticket numbers,its when you get to the club memberships you get the problems as you can blag details a bit -group of mates or “company” all use 1 address then you have access to several tickets and pass memberships around as nobody checks them even at home games.
    We both know the history of our games but this was a total different game a fun family day out shocked this happened but suppose some idiots cant handle their booze and gear(one of my wall mates said was over dodgy gear sold in toilets) anyway i get your overall point and agree.
    I have some diamond wall mates and we have our banter but on non matchday top mates and i stick up for them,problem is scummy press need to sell papers and they love to recycle a known trouble team,even we get bad press they hate us too but agree u get worst when it kicks off.
    Now pick yourself off the floor from your shock lol

    • Nicely said! I was there. I hav’nt been to a game for years! Yes an armchair supporter. I was pissed of with how it was dealt with. Seem to take ages before PC Plod got there and the yes scummy press blow it out of proportion.

  7. Great Article. I’m from Holland and what we hear in the media is rather superficial. It’s better too hear how you guys see it.

  8. Very recognizable. Here in The Netherlands, hooliganism is having a mayor downfall since the mid-’90s. Still our Minister of Justice is claiming that hooliganism is a big problem and should be handled with zero-tolerance, because somehow they think that every weekend our stadiums are nothing more than battlegrounds.

    Last year, the institute that monitors football violence here came out with their yearly report where they said that more and more incidents occur in the stadiums. The media and the politics saw this as a reason to implied that hooliganism was returning with full force. What they did not tell us, was that most of these incidents were nothing more than standing on the terraces, not having ID, peeing outside a bath room (outside the stadium) and some foul language. Incidents that involve violence are very rare and happen more often during saturday nights in every avarage city. But no, football supporters are the real problem.

    It has lead to massive restrictions, where you can get a banning order for almost nothing. They’re planning to make a law where you can get arrested when you were near an incident. Away games are rarely free to travel, most of them include a mandatory bus ride from the home stadium to the away section. For example; I live in Groningen, in the north, and I support Ajax. When I want to visit FC Groningen-Ajax, I have to travel first to Amsterdam for two hours, to take a supportersbus to Groningen, than go back to Amsterdam and after that a two hour trip back to Groningen. While I live not more than 10 minutes away from the stadium.

    • You’re from Groningen and supporting Ajax?
      If you’re born in Amsterdam, I’ll understand it.
      If not, than I don’t get it…
      Support your local club!
      # against modern football!

  9. Millwall always get blamed,I was at Wembley,I have an autistic son,and he doesn’t like waiting gets really upset,when he had to wait for a drink and was getting upset,a couple of lads asked me what was wrong so I explained,well they said to the lads at the front let this boy go first and explained well everyone moved so my son could go first,but nobody sees any of this,and would they print any of this HELL NO,but yet the stewards there where a nasty piece of work,again my son was having a massive meltdown, he couldn’t find is dad,and stood on a yellow line,then a steward came over shouting is head of,luckily a couple of lads I know was near me,and put him in is place does that get reported no,if the lads had started on him,which could of easily happened would that be reported HELL YES

  10. Good article and spot on mate. The thing that infuriates me is some poor sod gets stabbed at QPR v Everton hardly a mention. A bottle thrown at Arsenal, hardly a mention. Newcastle have running battles with the police, cars and shops get smashed up but it is just a mindless few. But with Millwall, everyone is SCUM. Even the fans that weren’t even at the game.
    These sort of things happen every week at games around the world. And even in the good ol’ USA, yesterday an FC Dallas fan threw a bottle on the pitch, just as one of their players scored against LA Galaxy. Hitting him in the head, and the player needed treatment and stitches. Guess what, a two second mention on Fox Soccer Channel. But they repeatedly showed the Millwall incident.

  11. You really have put a fantastic case together and the scum (sun) really isn’t worth reading they never say anything positive about Millwall let alone the working classes

  12. spot on article good read

  13. I was in block 137 row 44, we was a large group including 3 children and a pregnant lady, when all the trouble kicked off for obvious reasons we kept back, once it all seemed quieter we decided to leave as it was the 90th minute and just incase everything kicked off again we wanted to get the women and children out for obvious reasons, me and my girlfriend went down the stairs and approached the tunnel which was blocked by 20ish police I asked them to let my grok friend through politely when I was greeted to a group of police steaming in my face and waving there botons about, I was polite and ovbiously wasn’t there to cause trouble this ovbiously angered a lot of fans who witnessed this, I think it’s a disgrace what this small percentage has done and now because of it millwall are being blamed for violance at Newcastle and at the maggies thatcher protest its disgusting and just for everyone else’s record the group I was with go to the majority of home games so no stupid wembley hunter comments please

  14. Very good article. As ever, when facts come into the equation, we see a different story to the media portrayal. I’m a Cov fan and I have to say that I’ve never had a problem at all with Millwall. No club has worked harder or had to face so much bigotry (in the truest sense of the word) than the ‘Wall. Problem is, much of the general public are spoonfed their opinions and don’t know what they’re talking about. It was ever thus.

  15. It’s not all fans but how many of them 32000 go all the time 9000 of them, Millwall offered season ticket holders 3 ticket per season ticket, Then on to public sale. That’s how the trouble makers got in. I’m sorry but Millwall have this image and that just proved it to the world, semi final of the worlds best club cup and all SOME Millwall fans wanna do is fight. There was kids there for there first ever game of football and its been overshadowed by SOME Millwall fans.

    I have family and friends who fellow Millwall and there nowhere near like that so I’m sorry but you can only blame. THE CLUB for not policing tickets, THE FANS who buys them people tickets and THE FANS who think its the right thing to do and go out and have one two many shandy and think there something special.

    • Even though the statistics show otherwise and considering what happened with Newcastle today?

      I’m interested to know what this image is. It seems everyone has a negative view when it comes to Millwall, but anyone else then it seems to be Ok!

      Thanks for taking the time to reply.

  16. Carmel Ballantyne

    Just got this from a friend who supports Millwall. People really need to be educated as to what Millwall do not the media’s view

  17. You got your maths wrong you muppet – 0.094%! Valid article nonetheless.

  18. I was in Block 137 with my 14 year old son. I kept thinking the police will do something soon but they did nothing and it just escalated. So easy to call us all scum, so thank you for your objectivity; intelligent journalism.

    • Thank you Kevin. I was in Block 131 but noticed some empty seats down the front in 141 so went and filled them out with friends. I found out why they were empty. We got soaked lol

  19. glenn (up the boro) moscrop

    millwall with their reputation against newcastle and theirs i know which the media will make out the bad guys…..1 skirmish with millwall but riot cops and horses attacked by newcastle fans but the nations favourite second team will get it brushed over……

  20. Very well stated, I know Millwall and have never experienced a problem. I follow a different team but I don’t care what the media spouts either!

  21. Read this earlier & totally agree with your comments,if you look at Mail Online today you will see the fighting at Newcastle,much,much worse,but Millwall always painted as the baddie,people should take a look at all the positive things they do in the community.

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