Kim Jong-un Should Be Creating Jobs, Not Soldiers!

When soldiers eat before children, a child will only ever grow up striving to become a soldier. Have a look at this video bellow showing the levels of deprivation young North Koreans are enduring on a daily basis:

If Kim Jong-un truly cared for his people, he would disarm and cooperate with all other multinationals so that wealth and prosperity can be brought to the land. There are parts of the world that have clearly been left behind. North Korea needs to come out of 19th century ideological thinking and 20th century warfare to form new relationships for the benefit of North Koreans. How many more men & women have to suffer? How many more children must be sacrificed? They see their leader firing a gun, they will grow up wanting to fire a gun.

There needs to be investment in education, infrastructure and creating jobs. Working with South Korea would really benefit Kim Jong-un and his people. There is much to learn and we should be always willing to help by being diplomatic and on call at all times. Kim Jong-un needs to recognize that putting your people before your own ambitions, truly pays off on your ambitions. Wake up Kim-Jong-un and create jobs, not soldiers.


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