Justice For The Rapes Of Women And Children In DR Congo!

Please see this video produced by the BBC to see exactly what has been going on in DR Congo for some years now. It is absolutely disgusting that women and children are suffering in silence.

Their silence has now ended as their voices are heard. It is fantastic to see Angelina Jolie and William Hague speaking out on such issues. Angelina says “peace requires justice” and that  “No amnesty to those who commit these crimes” should be granted.

It is now time that all soldiers in the world consciously examine their leaders orders. If someone told you to go jump off a bridge, would you do it?

My love and prayers go out to all the women and children that have been suffering in silence. I hope that we can offer them some sort of aftercare and I hope they can move on and find happiness.


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  1. Hi Sean, I came across your blog on facebook as one of my old mates shared your post on “why Millwall Should keep their heads held high”. I live 2 mins from millwall so I found the really great stuff and the way in which the media portray millwalll is usually wrong. But this then lead me on to your other posts and I love how you cover pertinent issues in a short and sweet way. But this Post on DR Congo resonated with me the most. I was actually born in Congo and but have lived in bermondsey for almost 19 years. The situation in Congo is terrible and the media has always turned a blind eye to it until recently. It is just great to see your blog covering this issue and I am sure the people affected by this crisis will be happy to you are helping them have their voices heard. Thank your Sean and great blog! Keep the posts coming!

    • Aww Joseph. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and also for taking the time to comment and give praise to what I’m trying to do. It really means the world and if I can help raise some awareness on the issues that matter, then it is possible that we all can bring a positive change to the world. Thanks again my friend. Best wishes, Sean 🙂

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