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Wolves Fans Invade Pitch While The Sun Newspaper Go AWOL on Sensationalism

Any sensationalist headlines on this The Sun Newspaper?

The Sun Newspaper’s Headline:¬†

“Wolves 1 Burnley 2”

No? Oh, Ok then…. I almost forgot. It was Millwall that are scum. Honestly, how on earth did I forget..

Seriously, offer Millwall an apology. 


Why Millwall Sing ‘No One Likes Us, We Don’t Care’

All week, people have been asking me why Millwall sing ‘No One Likes Us, We Don’t Care’, as many seem to think that it is an aggressive chant used to display some kind of Millwall anarchy for fans to do and say what they like without a care in the world. Unfortunately, for all the Wall haters out there, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Millwall fans actually sing this song every time an unfair decision goes against them, like tonight’s game against Blackburn Rovers for example.

Never in my life have I ever seen such poor refereeing. Yet despite all the unjust decisions from referee Gavin Ward, the only soothing to all of his horrible decisions was a shared experience of pain in which all Wall fans came together singing in unity “No One Likes Us, We Don’t Care”. It is a song that enables Wall fans to go on whether the referee likes them or not. They meet the struggle together and sing through the storm, together. It is actually a beautiful thing. Most don’t really understand it. Hopefully you do now ūüôā The reason why it is sung so much by Millwall supporters, only demonstrates how Millwall are not only victimized by Newspapers but also by referees.

Anyways, there is still a chance for justice to be served. You can leave referee Gavin Ward a message by clicking the link bellow. Please go there and let him know what you thought of his performance tonight. I guess he must have read too much of the Sun Newspaper beforehand.

Soccer - npower Football League Championship - Leicester City v Middlesbrough - The King Power Stadium

It was also great to see Millwall fans coming together at the Den today to oppose everything the Sun Newspaper has done to harm the reputation of the club.


This bad boy was pegged up during this evening’s game against Blackburn Rovers. Millwall fans putting their message across loud and clear. One thing heard from the stands today was “Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house!”. Oh, so true.

A Must Buy for St George’s Day!


I will let the film speak for itself. One of my favourites and definitely worth buying and watching on this St George’s Day (which is today!!) You can buy in all good stores or by clicking the above image.


Exposed: The “Proportional” Bad Boys of Football

I have been contacted¬†by my readership all week asking for a difference in working out ¬†to see who “proportionally” are the top clubs for crime. Please try to read the entire article before ignorantly commenting as my analysis will show why proportional workings out are not truly reflective of criminal activity within football.

As requested, I have worked out using the following formula:

Average Attendance / Total arrests

1. Barnet –¬†0.883

2. Lincoln City –¬†0.734

3. Port Vale –¬†0.685

4.¬†Leeds –¬†0.640

5. Oxford united –¬†0.605

6. Darlington –¬†0.534

7. Mansfield Town –¬†0.508

8. Gateshead – 0.485

9.¬†Accrington Stanley –¬†0.448

10. Millwall –¬†0.444

Premiership Goons Escaping  (Despite having far more arrests)

– Manchester United –¬†0.366

– Manchester City –¬†0.230

– West Ham –¬†0.220

– Arsenal –¬†0.178

The above data presents League 2 “bad boys” Barnet as the “worse” team in English Football. Lincoln City came in second while Port Vale subsequently in third having had an average attendance 4820¬†with 33 arrests in total giving them a percentage of 0.685.¬†Look at Oxford United! Who has ever heard Oxford United being a club renowned for hooliganism and being worse than Millwall? Even Conference team Mansfield Town finish above Millwall with a grand percentage score of 0.508¬†based on an average attendance of¬†2758 and a total of 14 arrests. Even though Luton Town has had 6 more arrests than Mansfield Town, Mansfield, somehow, are far worse than Luton just because Luton have more fans turning up to games every week.

This does not mean much to be fair. You cannot dilute the hard statistic, that being, the statistic being total number of arrests. All this means is the bigger clubs managing to rake in bigger attendances can literally get away with murder because they have far more fans turning up every week than a team like Millwall. If that is the case, then all Millwall are guilty of is lacking financial capital and Premier League status to rake in the larger numbers and increase their attendance. Therefore, Millwall are not a bad club, they only lack in attendance and if that is the case, then why not charge £1 a game, rake in a full attendance and that should bump up your average attendance and decrease the appearance of criminal activity? The statistics can be duped this way. This formula, not only working on averages and proportional data, distorts the hardcore evidence and protects the wealthiest and most successful clubs just because they are most popular.

Even if we did go on this data, who on Earth is calling Barnet scum? Who is publishing the hooligans at Mansfield Town? And as for Oxford United? Well, not just a place for academics! No, how about this one, let’s just attack Millwall. They are the real scum (rolls eyes in sarcasm).

How can Sheffield Wednesday be justified as having 39 arrests last year, making them the worst team in League One (at the time), and yet Gateshead had 3 arrests all season and they are in the top 10 worst teams under a proportional formula and Wednesday somehow escape the top 10? 

It just doesn’t make sense and it is not a true reflection of crime that occurs at each club.

As before, please see the real bad boys of football bellow:


The Difference Between Luis Suarez and the 1% Minority of Millwall Fans

One has money, the others do not. How strange. I see that the Sun Newspaper seem to be taking the Luis Suarez biting incident with great humour. ¬†They have not blamed Liverpool FC at all for any of this even though Suarez represents the 1% we have talked about. I wonder if they will be searching the dressing rooms at Anfield to see if they can find any signs of malnutrition? If this was Millwall, you can bet your life they would make sure that Millwall never played Championship football again. I didn’t see anyone calling Suarez or Liverpool scum for Suarez’s violent behavior… Did you? Just goes to show…

There’s No Place for Luis Suarez In English Football

I must openly admit that I have never been a fan of Luis Suarez. While most others have always defended him for being such a talented footballer, I cannot seem to forget,¬†when watching him play, that¬†his disgusting personality ruins every aspect of his game. It is like when you meet a really attractive woman who turns out having a really stinking attitude. She just isn’t attractive anymore. It’s the same case for Suarez. I do not think that his personality can be, or should be, separated from the game. Fans will often try to excuse his personality by promoting his noteworthy talent in football. However, personality and football go hand-in-hand. It is like when people say “It was not personal, only business”. Those that have seen the film Taken will recall a scene when Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) says, “It was always personal to me”.

Today Suarez appeared to have bitten Chelsea’s¬†Branislav Ivanovic. This is not the first time Suarez has displayed such ugliness. In December 2011, Suarez was given an eight match suspension and fined ¬£40,000 for his racist remarks to Patrice Evra. In February 2012 Suarez then refused to shake hands with Evra just before kickoff.


There has been accounts of him diving in games and in November 2012 he was clearly seen stamping on Wigan’s Dave Jones.

Suarez stamps on Wigan’s Dave Jones

I am hugely convinced¬†that Mike Tyson was gifted in boxing. He was known as ‘Iron Mike’ because he ironed bods out plain and simple. However, his personality was interwoven into his career, just as Ali’s personality was tied¬†into his greatness in boxing. When Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear, he did so because he could.

We find our friend Suarez in the same boat of being the villain within sport. Suarez clearly is someone who thinks he can get away with it because he knows that his club will defend him, his team mates will defend him and most of all, he will defend his own actions and people will always defend him for his ability to kick ball. It’s a huge shame that he carries such an attitude as it makes his game ugly. Liverpool FC is a great club and it really is a shame that he is part of it.

Fans cannot continue to keep justifying a players poor behavior based on the greatness of their natural talent. Personality and football come as one and he should not be excused anymore for his hostile personality in the game. If he can’t have respect for others, he should not have respect himself.¬†¬†It is not the first time he has bitten another player and I really think that he needs to think clearly about his actions. If he cannot do that, he should then consider taking his game elsewhere.

The Bright Side of Life

Well, it’s that time again. It’s been a hard four or five years for most of us. Some, even longer. Sometimes, trying to keep focus and trying not to lose focus is a balance that most of us find hard to sustain. Remember my friends, laugh at life and smile at your troubles. Find humor in your enemies, even when it’s not there. Well, here it is, just remember that the last laugh is on you ūüôā Enjoy folks!


I am delighted to announce the NEW campaign 99-NIL!


99-Nil is a campaign¬†to stand up against Media Sensationalism in sport and victimizing sport’s clubs based on the negative actions of less than 1% of fans. We are the 99% of fans that go to sports games and cause no trouble but enjoy the competitive banter and the sportsman spirit.

We are sick to death of being singled out and treated like we are scum. That’s why we are making a stand! We are cross-club and welcome all support.

Please sign the petiton:

We are also campaigning on Facebook: 


On Twitter:


35 Reasons to Sign the Millwall Petition

I thought I’d try and come up with some good reasons why you should sign and support this petition but instead I thought I’d let other petition signers give you some good reasons why you should sign. Enjoy!

Millwall has been part of my life since I was born. I’ve been to all the home games and also some of the away ones. I am a true supporter and I don’t like seeing my team getting victimised for something that stupid drunk people done. PATHETIC. –¬†Kasey Sims,¬†LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

I’ve had enough of my football club (Millwall FC) being brought up in the media for the wrong reasons due to the idiotic and embarressing problems caused by a small of minority of “fans”. –¬†Michael Cooke¬†CRAWLEY, UNITED KINGDOM

I’m sick to death of lazy journalists sticking the knife in at every opportunity. There were twice as many arrests in Trafalgar Square with 2,000 protesting but the gutter press aren’t calling them scum – wonder why? I had a great time on Saturday with my family and mates and hope the police catch whoever caused the trouble. Lets give the lazy Sun journalists no more cheap headlines. I love my club and always will. –¬†Paul Hooton,¬†SUNBURY, UNITED KINGDOM

12 arrests 20 people fighting and again we are subjected to outrageous biased reporting. 0.001% of supporters involved 100% blamed. If we were an ethnic group there would be public outcry at our treatment. But we are Millwall so this sort of generalisation is ok. Riots on the streets of North East with 26 arrests and hardly a thing mentioned. Strange how they both play in the multi billion pound premier league that I do believe have a vested interest in most of the papers abusing us and not Newcastle United –¬†Gary Windebank,¬†LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

So that I am not always called a scum because of the football team I support –¬†David Reeves,¬†GILLINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM

I’m fed up with sensational jounalism by certain news papers,i totally object to being referred to as scum.for the record im 56yrs old been married to a millwall supporter of 50years standing and have grown to love the club,they work so hard for the local community and this is a family club and there hard work should be recognised,all clubs no matter what division have problems of one sort of another but are not slaughtered all the time by the media ive no problem with¬†FAIR investigative journalism –¬†Denise¬†Lawler, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

Millwall fan all my life and fed up of people jumping to conclusions about Millwall fans. We are passionate supporters not scum or animals. Some people just need educating on how to express or control that passion while mixing with alcohol. True fans can control this and wish to see the club become a name to remember for the right reasons. –Mic White,¬†CHATHAM, UNITED KINGDOM

Millwall fan sick of the crap being written –¬†Russell Keeley,¬†LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

It’s my club and we are not all trouble makers yet were all tarred with the same brushSimon Oakley¬†PORTSMOUTH, UNITED KINGDOM

Because I have been a Millwall supporter all my life and so have my brothers and also my sons. РJane White, CHATHAM, UNITED KINGDOM

The media continuously target us just to make a huge story for their back pages. Get some real stories and stop targeting Millwall –¬†James Tanner,¬†BROMLEY, UNITED KINGDOM

It is important to me because Millwall are always highlighted for any slight misdemeanour, whereas other clubs that have far more issues are never reported om.(the latest incident at Newcastle being a prime example) –¬†David Phillips,¬†WICKFORD, UNITED KINGDOM

I support Millwall.¬†–¬†Jay Taylor,¬†LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

Always dragging our name through the mud. –¬†GEOFF MARSHALL,¬†LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

I am a supporter –¬†Daniel Warren,¬†LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

Being a Millwall fan I am constantly angered by the media plastering the football teams fans as scum and violent. They never seem to mention it is just the minority of people who claim to be football fans but are indeed nothing more than people wanting a fight. –¬†Rhys O’Grady,¬†LUTON, UNITED KINGDOM

I went to the game at Wembley on Saturday and had a brilliant time. But Sunday was spoilt by all the negative comments in the papers and on Facebook. The majority of the comments were from people who weren’t even there. This sensationalism in the media needs to stop as they are winding the real supporters up with their lies and exaggerations. –¬†Barbara Lawrence,¬†LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

I’m from Scotland and watched it live …has been blown out of all proportion – Thoms Lyon,¬†GLASGOW, UNITED KINGDOM

Disgusted at the victimization of millwall football club in the press both today and yesterday when there was far worse scenes else where this weekend which has gone pretty much unreported yet again all millwall fans are tarnished with the same brush as a small minority who have been given the limelight in sports pages –¬†Emlyn Wignell,¬†LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

Millwall have had their trouble in the past, but they are now the hardest working club to combat this and other issues. But all the press do is highlight us for the worst at the first opportunity. Over the weekend there was trouble all over the country, from Millwall, Man City, Chelsea, Wigan, Newcastle, an injury due to a bottle thrown at Arsenal, a stabbing at QPR v Everton, WATFORD. All having arrests for trouble and drugs. But who gets the headlines? Newcastle fans ran riot in the streets damaging shops and cars and with a higher arrest count. Victimized? Ya think? –¬†Stuart Bullen,¬†REDONDO BEACH, CA

Because I’m sick and tired of millwall being labelled as thugs – Michael Odwyer, CHICHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM

Because I am sick and tired of my family be tarnished as scum! We are Millwall and Proud¬†–¬†Danielle Horney,¬†WIMBLEDON, UNITED KINGDOM

My Dad has been a Millwall supporter his whole life and has had to defend the actions of the minority all the time based on media-hype. I have been to many Millwall games with my Dad and friends and it is and always will remain a family club. –¬†Emily O’Neill,¬†ENFIELD, UNITED KINGDOM

Because its true! My grandad, dad, me and my son have been and will be life long Millwall supporters and never have any of us caused any trouble! –¬†Andy Walker,¬†ASHFORD, UNITED KINGDOM

I am a season ticket holder love going Millwall and supporting the Club & Players, but fed up being tarnish as scum, animal and so on. 20-30 people do wrong and we all suffer. The media wont give Millwall a break will theyEmma Gill, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

Fed up with the way the press treat the club,no more buying the sun 4 meLilly Hall, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

A Millwall fan since the seventies my sons and daughters and now grandchildren have enjoyed many happy family millwall days do not let the minority or the media spoil our club –¬†IRIS HURT,¬†LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

Whilst the behaviour of a few at Wembley was unforgivable. The sensationalist reporting was inaccurate and misleading. This is what we have come to expect. –¬†Robert Bedford,¬†LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

Fed up with the press and their very bias opinion against Millwall Football Club. Worst trouble at Newcastle vs Sunderland but small section in paper compared to Millwalls four page spread. –¬†Liz Kempster,¬†LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

I want the people that drags my fantastic clubs name down banged up with life time bans, most of all how come it took the old bill and wembley security so long to get involved to stop the fighting, it took 15:35 minutes for the old bill to even come out then they backed off what good they was!!!!!¬†We’re not scum we just have a small amount of idiots that come along looking for trouble like most clubs. –¬†Luke Norfolk,¬†ROCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM

Fed up with the way the media treat the club & its supporters. –¬†Paul Rodgers,¬†BASINGSTOKE, UNITED KINGDOM

Because I am sick of newspapers generalising every single Millwall fan with the troublemakers. –¬†Jess Gilmaney,¬†LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

I’m a lifelong Millwall fan, with family connections with the club that go back to 1900. The club have worked hard along with many TRUE fans to change our image. I’m fed up with a certain section of the media reporting on the club in an uneven handed manner, do they ever report on charity work by the club and fans? NO! Every club has issues but we at Millwall are targeted because of the past, and let us not forget when we talk of football hooliganism in the 70’s etc Man Utd fans were among the worst, yet they were allowed to work to put things right without constant reminders of those days.¬†–¬†Peter Manock,¬†TILBURY, UNITED KINGDOM

Unfair reporting of Millwall fc by the british media –¬†David Roberts,¬†BROMLEY, UNITED KINGDOM

Lastly…..¬†because we are Millwall, super Millwall, we are Millwall, from the Den Sean Ash, WELLING UNITED KINGDOM


Petition in the Southwark News!


Please get behind the campaign by signing and sharing the petition!